Hyafilia Petite
Hyafilia Petite
1syringe / 1.0ml
Hyafilia Classic
Hyafilia Grand

    Hyafilia – ideal correction of any types of wrinkles 

    Hyafilia product belongs to the 5th generation of fillers based on the hybrid structure of hyaluronic acid. Fillers are developed by CHA Meditech Co. Ltd. There are two types of fractions in the bi-phase gel structure - stabilized and nonstabilized in a ratio of 85/15. The product line contains 3 types of fillers that differ in their volumetric ability. They are suitable for smoothing wrinkles as well as for volumization. 

    Main advantages:

    1. The price of the HyaFilia filler is lower than for the European analogues of the same quality.
    2. The combination of different structures of the active ingredient provides for high gel plasticity.
    3. It improves skin structure and stimulates the body's own resources for rejuvenation.
    4. It has excellent thixotropy, which prevents the gel from breaking into fragments and migration within the tissues.
    5. It is not destroyed by free radicals.
    6. The active ingredient is of non-animal origin, so the risk of developing allergies is minimal.
    7. Keeps the set form up to degradation.
    8. The result lasts up to 1 year.
    9. It is completely excreted from the body.

    Package form

    The product is manufactured  in the form of syringes filled with gel in a volume of 1, 2, 3 ml. Hyaluronic acid concentration is 20 mg / ml. The package contains needles of different diameters: 25, 27, 29 G.

    Purpose of product usage:

    Filler Hyafilia is used in contour plastic. The filler can be injected into different areas of face, hands, décolleté, neck.

    There are 3 products in the product line:

    HyaFilia Petit has a light texture. It smoothes surface lines, glabellar lines, perioral wrinkles, corrects lacrimonasal line, designs lip contour.  It is suitable for delicate areas. It should be injected into surface skin areas. 
    HyaFilia has an average density. It is used for medium wrinkles, glabellar folds, winkles in the lip corners, for modeling the volume of the lips. The product is injected subdermally. 
    HyaFilia Grand has the thickest and the most viscous composition. It is used for volumizing the temporal areas, nose, cheekbones, chin. It is suitable for supraperiosteal injection. 

    Where to purchase the product

    Korean fillers HyaFilla do not sell in regular shops. They can be ordered through online stores. The average prices are similar to the price-lists available in Moscow. 
    It is most profitable to purchase the product from direct suppliers of Korean beauty product, such as our online supermarket Viana. You can buy HyaFilla on our website through a convenient order form, or by calling our specialist.
    Before purchasing the product consult with your cosmetologist about the number of syringes, diameter of needles, and the necessity to purchase any additional components. The final price will depend on these factors.