Hyaron [+]
Hyaron [+]
10 syringes / 2.5ml ea
Hyaluronic Acid

    Hyaron – correction of  of wrinkles 

    Hyaron is a popular and very effective mesotherapy filler brand which has been on the market since 1987. It specialties are to remove wrinkles just like traditional fillers. 

    1. Main advantages:

    1. Long lasting results
    2. High effectiveness 

    Package form

    One box contains 10 syringes of 2,5 ml each

    1. Purpose of product usage:

    Hyaron fillers haver multiple benefits including battling the following problems: dehydration, dryness, skin sagging, wrinkles, pigmentation, acne and atrophy. 

    Where to purchase the product

    The Korean filler, Hyaron, can not be found in regular stores but has to be purchased online. Click here to purchase Hyaron.