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    MELINE – efficient rejuvenation and volume restoration of tissues 

    There are three classic fillers in the product line of the South Korean brand MELINE. The basic component of the products is stabilized hyaluronic acid.  
    The fillers have been developed for correcting age related skin defects and for creating attractive facial features. It can be used in the areas of décolleté, hands, neck, intimate zone. 


    1. High safety profile
    2. Easiness of injection and distribution within tissues 
    3. Painless procedure
    4. Long-lasting effect

    Purpose of product usage

    Product indication depends on the type of product:
    • Meline Classic – corrects small line and minimal esthetic defects
    • Meline Deep – smoothes wrinkles and medium folds. It is most often used on the facial area.
    • Meline Volume – increases volume and corrects contours of different facial zones 

    Description and composition

    The product is manufactured in the form of a syringe filled with 1 ml. of filler. It contains hyaluronic acid 20 mg./ml. and lidocaine 3%. It is completed with needles 25, 27 or 20 G. 

    Where to purchase the product

    The product does not sell in regular shops. It’s more profitable to purchase MELINE fillers in the online supermarket Viana. One can order the product on the website and to pay for it by one of the existing methods. Direct supply from South Korea is possible to Moscow and other Russian regions.