Rejeunesse Fine
Rejeunesse Fine
8-phase composition cleaning
Rejeunesse Deep
Rejeunesse Deep
8-phase composition cleaning
Rejeunesse Shape

    Rejeunesse – steady correction effect 

    Fillers of the Korean manufacturer NewMedi Co are highly valued for good quality and long-lasting effect. The brand line includes 3 varieties.

    Main advantages: 

    • Resistant to biodegradation
    • Long-lasting effect up to 1,5 years 


    Rejeunesse is used in contour plastic for correcting wrinkles and for restoring volume in tissues.  
    Indications for using a specific type of a filler depend on the problem to be solved:  


    Rejeunesse contains hyaluronic acid 24 mg/ml and lidocaine 3 mg./ml. 

    Where to purchase the product:

    The product does not sell in regular shops. The filler can be ordered through online stores. To get an idea of the price range one can review the price-lists in Moscow.
    The most profitable purchase of Rejeunesse fillers can be made through a Korean supermarket Viana that has been designed specifically for the beauty industry. Supply of cosmetological products is made directly from South Korea. The product will be mailed to the customer right after the payment is processed. 
    Before buying Rejeunesse you need to consult with a cosmetologist about which of the products you need to purchase.