Revolax Fine
Revolax Fine
Guarantee of safe use
Revolax Deep
Revolax Deep
For correcting medium or deep wrinkles
Revolax Sub Q
Revolax Sub Q
Guarantee of safe use

    Filler REVOLAX – volume and smoothness of skin

    South Korean fillers belonging to «Revolax» product line allow solving practically all skin esthetic issues caused by ageing. These products smooth wrinkles - from small lines to deep folds; model volume and correct contour of different facial zones. 

    Main advantages:

    1. Filler «Revolax» is a safe product thanks to highly purified hyaluronic acid.
    2. The monophasic structure of «Revolax» allows easy and even distribution of gel under the skin. The result looks natural.
    3. Complexlycross-linked molecules as well as complete hydration of the substance exclude edema or any inflammatory processes after the injection.
    4. Molecules have a 3D structure («tails» are twisted inward), which prolongs the time of biodegradation. Cosmetic effect lasts from 1 year to 1.5 years. 

    «Revolax» has an affordable price, and at the same time the quality of the product is very high. 

    Purpose of product usage

    Injectable fillers can fulfill various tasks:
    • Revolax Deep is a multifunctional gel suitable for smoothing wrinkles, for contour and volume correction. 
    • Revolax Fine has a very plastic structure and can fill in even the tiniest lines on the face
    • Revolax Sub-Q is ideal for volume modeling of different facial zones and for smoothing profound skin folds. 

    Product composition

    Filler «Revolax» is produced in a syringe preliminarily filled with 1,1 ml of gel. Concentration of hyaluronic acid is 20-24 mg/ml. It contains lidocaine 3 mg/ml. 

    Where to purchase the product

    Products of this brand are not available in regular shops. It’s possible to purchase filler «Revolax» without trade margins in our internet store Viana. The product can be ordered on the website. 
    Volume purchase is possible starting from 10 units. 
    We deliver the product from South Korea. The purchase will be mailed to the desired location right after the payment is processed. 
    Before making a purchase we recommend you to consult a doctor.