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    Stayve – serums for beauty and radiance of the skin

    Serumal cosmetic products Stayve manufactured in South Korea are highly valued by beauty specialists as well as consumers for their safety and quick effect. They smooth wrinkles, moisturize and lift the skin, improve complexion, lighten pigment spots, treat acne. 

    Main advantages:

    1. Have safe natural ingredients
    2. Solve the main skin problem and revitalize skin in general
    3. Launch natural rejuvenation processes. 

    Purpose of product usage

    Serums Stayve belong to the professional product line where each of the products has a specific purpose. They are used in fractional mesotherapy methodology (BB Glow). Dermawhite № 1,2,3 improve complexion (lighten, smooth the skin tone or create a slight tan shade). 

    Whitening & Lifting – lifts and lightens the skin.
    Anti-Acne – treats acne, smoothes uneven skin texture.
    Salmon Gold – moisturizes and restores skin; speeds up regeneration process.
    Cherips – lip tints – moisturize lips and improve their color.

    Product composition

    The serums contain a wide variety of ingredients: plant oils and extracts, niacinamide (vitamin E mixed with water, peptides that contribute to regeneration of cells, and other valuable elements).  

    Where to purchase the product

    It is possible to purchase Stayve serums through our website at a favorable price. Thus, the product will be delivered directly from South Korea. Before purchasing the product we recommend you to review the information about each product type. After the payment is processed we will mail the purchase to Moscow or any other region. 

    These cosmetic products do not sell in regular shops.