Three Big Questions About BB Glow

Three Big Questions About BB Glow


Perfect complexion in just 0.43835 minutes per day. Does it sound fantastic? 

No, it's more than real with BB Glow, a trendy treatment that is becoming more and more popular in medical spa and clinics all over the world.  became incredibly popular all over the world.

We have already talked about the treatment itself and about BB Glow Starter KitToday we decided to shed some light on a few controversial questions about the treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions About BB Glow

Learn more about BB Glow by reading the frequently asked questions below. 

1. Are there any cases when BB Glow procedures are simply useless?

First, Vitiligo. It's hard to imagine another state of skin that requires serious skin tone adjustment. However, in the case of Vitiligo pigmented parts of the skin are located too deep. The DermaPen tool used for BB Glow treatments can reach only the upper layer of the skin. It can't be used to affect the shade of deep skin layers. If a patient suffering from a severe case of  Vitiligo, this kind of treatment can be used to make the lighter spots less apparent.

Second, eczema, dermatitis, and acne. The composition of all available BB Glow serums contains a wide range of moisturizing and anti-aging components. Many manufacturers of the serums prefer to use more complex composition by adding various natural ingredients in order to eliminate inflammation and impurities of the skin. However, one needs to understand that the BB Glow treatment procedure is not a cure for eczema, dermatitis and acne. This procedure helps in hiding the consequences of already cured inflammations, but it can not be performed during the active stage of the inflammation process. In case your skin has bruises and wounds, the serum can go deeper than required causing various adverse effects.

And finally, scars. The BB Glow treatment is able to make scars and bruises a bit less visible but it won’t be possible to hide them completely because of the specific features of the cicatricial tissue. 

2. What is the difference between BB Glow Treatment techniques?

The DermaPen tool allows using the needles of various diameters. Depending on the thickness of the needle and parameters of the chosen needle, one can achieve different results and effects of the treatment. With that in mind, it's worth noting that the BB Glow method is conditionally divided into two general directions.

The first transformation of the initial technology took place in the European market. Asian skin is reported to have a thicker dermis, thus the initial procedure was too painful and traumatizing for Caucasian patients. Only the thinnest needles for BB Glow with pigmented serums aiming to improve and brighten the complexion.

However, DermaPen can also be used for skin rejuvenation and anti-aging. In this case, you will need thicker needles and a set of special peptide serums for micro-needling.

3. What’s the difference between BB Glow Serums from China and from South Korea?

It's worth noting that the BB Glow technology was invented in South Korea. This country is the home for the biggest manufacturers of BB Glow serums. The manufacturing potential of China is the reason for the appearance of cheap serums from unknown brands and vendors. The key problem of this type of serum is the unknown composition as well as the conditions and the quality of the manufacturing process. 

For example, Korean manufacturers use titan dioxide (key coloring substance) in the form of an emulsion, while unknown Chinese brands prefer using cheaper powder alternatives. In the case of emulsion, the dioxide is evenly distributed allowing to create an even tone and complexion of the skin. Using cheaper serum from China might result in an uneven skin tone.

Furthermore, all the serums from Korea must pass strict clinical trials according to the current legislation and sanitary standards. In the majority of cases, Chinese products have no official certificates of clinical trial protocols. As a result, if there are any complications, most likely, you will not find any support or guarantees from the manufacturers.


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