Comparing plasma current devices Beauty Monster White and Beauty Monster Professional System (Black).

Comparing plasma current devices Beauty Monster White and Beauty Monster Professional System (Black).
Apparatuses PlasmaPen Beauty Monster developed by South Korean manufacturers have been certified and approved in different countries as an alternative to plastic surgeries fighting age related skin changes. Both devices are known for a high quality and similar modes of functioning. But there are significant differences that one needs to be aware of before purchasing a specific model. 

Characteristics of Beauty Monster White

It’s a portable plasma-type device that evaporates dermal tissue using a plasma arc. The discharge takes place through the tip to the skin, and as a result the dermis is sublimated in the impact zone without heat transfer to nearby tissues.
The handpiece is conveniently placed in the hand and has is easy to operate. Power and frequency of influence is regulated by 8 modes of functioning. The set includes 2 tips (Plasma Tips). They make it possible to remove pigment spots, neoplasms, scars, fibromas, papillomas, stretch marks, tattoos, to lift and rejuvenate the skin without any surgical interference. 
At present the device is additionally completed with two tips that expand its range of application. The additional functions have been adopted from the arsenal of a more advanced Beauty Monster Black. 

Characteristics of Beauty Monster Black 

It is an advanced version of Beauty Monster White. South Korean specialists from Dr. Beaumon Company studied the device functioning and tested it during 25 years. As a result, they developed a high-frequency plasma-based apparatus Beauty Monster Professional System (Black). Its efficiency and safety do not have any analogues. 

Model peculiarities:

  • Improved power and frequency of action;
  • the principle of operation is simplified, the parameters are adjusted in 4 levels;
  • use phases are clearly distributed according to the purpose;
  • safe in use; equipped with Safe Power System and fail-safe program
  • has 3 types of tips with different effects: plasma, lifting, elimination of wrinkles, skin cleansing, shrinking pores, etc. 
  • working components are made of surgical steel (sus316)
The set includes: device, portable case, 10 Plasma Tips, 1 Fractional Tip, 1 Thermal Tip. 
Plasma Tip is intended for selective action on the skin. Areas of application: removal of warts, moles, age-related spots, syringoma and other formations. 
Fractional Tip stimulates skin layers thanks to creating multiple microscopic action zones. It is used for treating acne, for skin lift, smoothing surface wrinkles, eyelids lift. Cosmetological products penetrate into the dermal layers through invisible apertures. 
Thermal Tip transfers heat into the dermal layers by means of micro-currents. It efficiently shrinks pores, improves absorption of active components, lifts the skin. 
The cosmetological device has CE, FCC, KC certificates.  

Recommendations by specialists for using Beauty Monster

Each tip should be used in accordance with specific purposes. If the damaged area is large, correction should be shared among several procedures. It’s prohibited to use the device for a long time in one place as this may cause sclerostenosis and formation of scars. 
It’s necessary to sustain from body overheating and staying in direct sunlight. If crusts are formed one should not rip them off – they need to fall down themselves. After the procedure it’s recommended to place ice on the eyelids for 20-30 minutes to reduce temperature. 
The device requires special care and scheduled cleaning. 
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