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EZ Injector Needle Hack

EZ Injector Needle Hack

The EZ injector is a device which makes the application of skin boosters or  meso cocktails easy and painless. It is a handheld device that uses vacuum pressure to easily inject the skin boosters into the skin.

Standard EZ Injector Needle

Standardly, the EZ injector comes with a 5 pin needle and a 9 pin needle. These needles are easy to use, especially for those starting their own at home beauty journey. The 5 or 9 pin needles are rather painless and don’t go deep into the skin.

If you have mastered using the 5 pin needle or the 9 pin needle with the EZ injector and want to take the EZ injector to the next level, then check out our EZ injector needle hack below!

EZ Injector Needle Hack

Instead of using the provided 5 or 9 pin needles, it is possible to use a 33g x 4mm mesotherapy needle instead. This will allow you to be more precise with the injection placements and you can easily regulate the depth of the injection. 100% of the skin booster will be injected into the skin and this procedure is said to be easier to and less painful.
The 33g x 4mm fits on the EZ injector the same way as the 5 or 9 pin needle.

** Please note that there are risks associated with using a 33g x 4mm needle and Viana Care is not responsible for any negative inflictions that may arise after administering products by yourself. ** 
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