Your facial skin persistently requires plastic surgery. But you are afraid of going under the surgeon's knife... Long rehabilitation period, scars on the face, complications... What should I do if the result is not one expected by me? Another one surgery?

Do you have such thoughts? Probably, every woman being on the wrong side of forty has such thoughts. The face requires cosmetological procedures but radical measures such as plastic surgery scare by many negative factors. Meanwhile, cosmetology can propose some solutions: many studies and research are made and new products are elaborated at the intersection of plastic surgery and cosmetology. In cooperation with dermatologists and plastic surgeons, South Korean scientists elaborated a unique product for deep lifting – FatX UPPING BAND.

FatX UPPING BAND is not just another one cosmetic product for face lifting. It is a cosmeceutical mask for facial line improvement. FatX UPPING BAND combines bio-active ingredients and unique bio-liposome technology. The mask simultaneously works in several directions:

  • immediate slimming effect – the mask contains deoxycholic acid which helps in facial slimming and lifting. This ingredient is included in the list of substances approved by the international organizations and causes no allergic reactions. When applying to the skin during a certain period of time, the component dissolves fat cells.
  • Bio-collagen technology – active ingredients are infiltrated into deep skin layers, improve skin elasticity and maximize lifting effect which becomes more visible due to fat-burning effect of other components.
  • Deep moisturizing and improved skin elasticity: after fat dissolution, cells show active formation of collagen, regeneration and face lifting.

Special fabric mask has ergonomic design: it tightly attaches to the skin and ensures immediate lifting effect. The fabric moisturizes skin during the whole period of procedure. The mask conveniently lays on face regardless its individual features.

Long-lasting gel in which the mask is soaked contains several active ingredients:

  • deoxycholic acid – dissolves fat cells,
  • phosphatidylcholine – increases the solubility of cholesterol,
  • caffeine – protects skin aging,
  • hyaluronic acid – moisturizes and recovers skin,
  • lecithin – increases blood circulation,
  • adenosine – an antioxidant which improves functions of deep skin layers,
  • hedera helix extract – removes toxins from the body,
  • tartric acid – minimizes aging,
  • hydrolyzed collagen – moisturizes skin and increases collagen synthesis,
  • ginkgo biloba extract – increases skin elasticity.


As a result of combining of these active ingredients in the form of thick gel which has long-lasting effect on deep skin layers, we have a powerful and efficient mix which immediately improves skin condition (with no allergic reactions and complications), ensures face lifting, moisturizes skin and prevents the most visible signs of aging.

A unique technology aimed at delivering ingredients directly to the target layer is the latest achievement of scientists. The effect of the ingredients lasts 48 hours after removal of the mask. This fact makes the mask special among common cosmetic products. All ingredients of the mask are approved for use. The gel with active ingredients contains no colorants or perfume additives. It has been tested for skin allergy. It causes no skin irritation.

Modern plastic surgery makes it possible to stay beauty at any age. Smooth skin, no wrinkles, face tone and sharp facial contour – these are results of the majority of plastic surgeries. But not all of plastic surgeries have such positive results. Serious complications are also possible: tissue necrosis, rough scars at the place of sutures, inflammation of incisions, visible non-symmetry... This list is not exhaustive. Thus, before deciding to agree to plastic surgery with unpredictable consequences, South Korean cosmetology offers to use its own up-to-date elaborations.

Unique mask FatX UPPING BAND with active gel which has a powerful effect and works during two days after removal of the mask is a convenient and painless alternative to a surgeon's knife. The most of components are natural and cause no rejection. The product represents the latest technology of delivering ingredients to deep skin layers by means of bio-liposome. Therefore, the mask is a new-generation cosmeceutical product elaborated at the intersection of medical science and cosmetology.

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