Best Fillers: Before And After Pictures

Best Fillers: Before And After Pictures

Having fillers is one of the most popular types of cosmetic procedures and many people are wondering what result each filler brand has. Because of this we have assembled a collection of the best filler before and after pictures. All fillers recommended in this article are made and shipped straight from South Korea. Read on to see the best filler before and after pics!
Dermal fillers or soft tissue fillers are used to give volume and fullness beneath the surface of the skin. Not only do they restore volume but they also soften wrinkles, enhance facial contours and smoothen out fine lines. One of the reasons fillers are so popular is because the cost of dermal fillers is way lower than having plastic surgery and the recovery time is almost non-existent. There are quite a few different types of fillers including light fillers, deep fillers and volume fillers. Hyaluronic Acid is the most common type of filler, but you can also find Calcium Hydroxylapatite or poly-l-lactic acid fillers. 
The results of fillers are temporary but due to continuous research and development, some fillers can last between 1 and 2 years before needing another treatment. Fillers can be used anywhere in the body but most commonly soft fillers are to be used in lips, while hard fillers can be used for facial contouring or to enhance the cheekbones. Fillers can also be used for butt or breast augmentation. 

The best fillers before and after pictures

Listed below is an overview of the best before and after pictures from all types of fillers (forehead, lips, nose, cheeks, etc). All fillers listed below are available at Viana Care online shop. Our selection of before and after pictures include examples of lip, cheek, nose, forehead fillers. 

1. Neuramis

Neuramis is a brand of fillers manufactured by the South Korean company Medytox Company. It is a leading product in the market as it has been recognized by aesthetic specialists as being one of the safest and most reliable fillers around. Not only does Medytox Company manufacture fillers but they also run an extensive scientific research center which conducts in depth studies and works on the development of new products.
There are 5 different fillers products in the Neuramis line including Neuramis Light Lidocaine, Neuramis Lidocaine, Neuramis Deep, Neuramis Volume Lidocaine and Neuramis Deep Lidocaine.
The main advantages of using one of the Neuramis fillers is because the manufacturing technique is based on SHAPE technology, it contains hyaluronic acid base with the highest level of purity, the effects can last up to 12 months, it is very affordable and results can be seen instantly after the procedure.

1.1 Neuramis fillers for face before and after

fillers before and after

The before and after pictures of using the Neuramis filler treatment as a full face enhancer is rather impressive. You can clearly see the differences on the forehead, nose nasolabial lines and cheeks on this 53 years old lady. Her earlobes are more defined, the chin has a rounder shape, crease on the forehead and around the lips has been reduced. Pictures were taken just a couple of weeks after the treatment when all bruising and swelling had faded.

1.2 Neuramis face fillers before and after

face fillers before and after

Another great example of using Neuramis in the forehead, nasolabial folds, cheek and chin. You can clearly see that the facial folds have been reduced and still look very natural. Like the picture above, the crease on the forehead and around the mouth has been reduced, the chin has a rounder shape and the cheeks are more defined. 

1.3 Neuramis lip fillers before and after

lip fillers before and after

Photo credit: Melinda Boyer 

Here a hyaluron pen was used to apply Neuramis Deep to the lips instead of needle injections. The lips are more defined, look healthier and fuller. 

2. Dermalax

Dermalax is another great Korean filler which is known for being a supreme & pure monophasic, crosslinked HA soft tissue filler. It works as a skin moisturizer, adds volume to facial tissue, corrects facial folds and wrinkles, stimulates regeneration of aged cells and restores a smooth facial appearance.
There are 4 different products in the Dermalax line, including Dermalax Plus, Dermalax Deep Plus, Dermalax Implant Plus and Dermalax Deep. 
The main benefits of using Dermalax is that it is made with a BDDE cross linked structure, has high stage HA purification, ensures a long-lasting effect and is perfect for thin skin. 

2.1 Dermalax facial fillers before and after

dermal fillers before and after

Dermalax fillers have been used as a full facial enhancer in the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. The results are rather impressive as the cheeks are more defined, the chin has a nicer protruding shape, the nose is more elegant and the facial folds have been reduced. 

2.2 Dermalax nose fillers before and after

nose fillers before and after

For the next Dermalax filler before and after picture it is important to know which type of fillers were used. Dermalax Implant Plus was used for both the nose and forehead. When looking at the forehead, you can clearly tell that it is more defined and rounder. The shape of the nose was altered and has a more natural and elegant feel to it. This is great example to show that fillers can be used on both men and women.

3. Etrebelle 200

Etrebelle is an FDA approved Korean filler which has the strength of a non-HA Filler and HA Filler. The main ingredient of this filler is PLA[Poly(DL-lactide)] which is made out of renewable sources, like corn starch. It effectively improves the facial folds or wrinkles and also encourages the production of collagen. The concept of Etrebelle is quite different from other fillers as it encourages collagen production to restore lost volume over time.
This is one of the only fillers available on that is not an HA filler, but is a PLA filler. The main advantages of using this filler is that it is safe, has a long lasting effect, is completely biodegradable and provides a natural looking effect. 

3.1 Etrebelle cheek fillers before and after

cheek fillers before and after

In both examples above, Etrebelle was used in the nose and on the nasolabial folds. The creases around the nose and mouth have clearly been reduced. The skin looks fuller, healthier and has a more define shape. These  pictures of before and after fillers around the mouth clearly show the positive effect of using Etrebelle fillers.

4. Regenovue

All Regenovue products are manufactured by the Korean company Neogenesis, and are ideal for battling facial folds, wrinkles and creases. The Regenovue line contains 6 different fillers, namely the Regenovue Deep Plus, Regenovue Sub-Q Plus, Regenovue Fine, Regenovue Deep, Regenovue Sub-Q and Regenovue Fine Plus. Not only do they sell fillers, Neogenisis also offers other products such as skin boosters and numbing creams.
The main advantages of using Regenovue is that it was manufactured using 100% cross-connection of the hyaluronic acid molecules, has a long lasting effect, is totally safe to use and has a high viscosity.

4.1 Regenovue lips fillers before and after

In this case regenovue was used as a lip filler for lip augmentation. As you can see in the video, the facial folds have improved drastically, the corners of the mouth have lifted and the lips are much fuller. A hyaluron pen was used to apply the dermal fillers and the results are great!

Frequently asked questions

What to do before and after getting fillers?

If you are applying the fillers yourself using the Hyaluron pen, make sure your face, hands and equipment are clean and disinfected. After applying the filler, put on a face mask to soothe the skin and apply some ice on the treated areas. Avoid heavy workout, swimming, retinols and massages.