Foundation makeup that lasts for a year: the whole truth about BB Glow treatment

Foundation makeup that lasts for a year: the whole truth about BB Glow treatment
BB Glow Treatment is an innovative cosmetological procedure that will help your face get an even radiant color in just a few sessions. South Korean specialists assure that the effect of the foundation makeup will last for 12 months. This will let patients save time on doing the makeup still looking beautiful any time of the day. It has been in use in beauty salons of South Korea since 2017.It has just become known in Russia and is already gaining popularity. 

What does it mean?

The essence of the procedure “Cream base that lasts for a year” is in injecting into the epidermal layers serums consisting of titanium dioxide, coloring agents, hyaluronic acid, and vitamins. The effect of the cream base is explained by rather heavy molecules: iron oxide red, iron oxide yellow, therefore it is recommended to purchase only high-quality certified products.
The pigment that provides a whitening effect is titanium dioxide pigment. It forms part of serums in the part of serums as an emulsion. This lets it get evenly distributed in the epidermis adding an even tone to the face. Besides, an active component has light-reflecting properties thanks to which the skin looks radiant. When it comes to Chinese products, titanium dioxide is added there in the form of a powder which makes its quality worse. 
The serums are injected by means of cosmetological devices for mesotherapy procedures: simple needle-based or super-thinnano-needle-based. The depth of the injection is not large, that’s why patients do not experience much pain feeling just slight tingling and vibration. Some swelling and redness disappear following 1-2 days. When using nano-needle-based devices, the post-procedure side effects come to the minimum, so a woman won’t even have to change her daily routine. 


BB Glow treatment is intended for esthetic purposes rather than for skin treatment. But hyaluronic acid and vitamins that make up the product nourish, moisturize the skin and improve the derma properties in general.  

It is used in presence of the following:

  • Uneven skin tone;
  • Freckles;
  • Pigment spots;
  • Post-acne;
  • Age-related darkening of epidermis. 
The products whiten the spots, smooth the skin tone, hide post-acne scars and add a slight effect of a base cream. 
Do not expect miracle from this procedure if patient suffers from acquired leukoderma. In this case the reason for pigment spots lies in the skin layer which is lower than epidermal (where the active ingredients are effective). In this case the procedure may only slightly change the skin tone, but won’t completely remove visible white or dark spots. 
BB Glow Treatment can be combined with other anti-age procedures for a more effective skin rejuvenation and treatment. It is also not an obstacle to face peeling.

How the procedure is carried out

To achieve a maximum effect one should turn to a professional cosmetologist who has been trained accordingly. The procedure lasts for about 1 hour observing all the required stages. 24 hours prior to the procedure there is made a test ofskin sensitivity to active components. 

Stages of the procedure:

  • Selection of the foundation based on the type of skin and its color;
  • Face cleansing (peeling and removal of dead cells);
  • Application of the product by DermaPen onto the whole area of correction up the hairline; 
  • Removal of the remaining serum;
  • Application of any soothing mask.
After the procedure it’s not recommended to wash the face until the next day. It’s not recommended to stay in the Sun during 2 days. It’s prohibited to use the makeup during 5 days. 
3-4 sessions with a two-week break are required to ensure a long-lasting effect. Beauty specialists recommend to undergo one more procedure following 6 months. 
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