GANG NAM Lifting Gel Mask

GANG NAM Lifting Gel Mask

Oxygen is life. However, some scientific findings turn our concepts of the world on their ears. Such situation occurred when modern cosmetology introduced a term of carboxytherapy in common practice of respective specialists. Currently, it is the most efficient method of skin rejuvenation which is based on subcutaneous injection of carbon dioxide micro-doses. This technology provided the basis for GANG NAM Lifting Gel Mask which was recently launched into the market by South Korean scientists.

Facial contour is one of the first parameters which are subject to aging processes: facial contour lines become indistinct, skin becomes slack, face looks tired in general. To eliminate such defects, plastic surgery uses face-lift, an invasive complicated surgical procedure which can have unpredictable results. As to mesotherapy, it successfully uses carboxytherapy for these purposes. It has been appeared in the last century and becomes popular at the present moment.

Carboxytherapy's key point is maximally simple: micro-doses of specifically purified carbon dioxide are injected subcutaneously. As a result, hypoxia (oxygen deficiency) is artificially created in cells. It causes stress condition of the body and launches recovery processes. As a result, blood vessels widen, collagen is actively formed, skin condition and complexion improve. Conventional method of carbon dioxide injection uses mini-syringes. It is an invasive and almost painless method. However, South Korean scientists offer an innovative method of CO2 delivery to epidermis – by means of special fabric mask. GANG NAM Lifting Gel Mask is an example of such mask which has been clinically tested and confirmed its efficiency.

Carbon dioxide has several directed effects:

  • prevents local skin inflammation, makes skin healthier and helps in preventing pimples and acne,
  • widens blood vessels and helps in moving more volumes of blood,
  • delivers oxygen to every skin cell,
  • moisturizes deep skin layers, restores lipid balance,
  • rejuvenates skin, mitigates existing wrinkles and prevents new ones,
  • dissolves fat depots, thus, lifting effect becomes more visible.

After first procedures, the gas is allocated to several lines and gradually covers new areas. It becomes possible due to destruction of fibrotic folds in the surface skin layer. This ensures homogeneous support of tissues and lifting effect.

Non-invasive carboxytherapy is a convenient alternative to injections. It does not require to visit cosmetologist and make injections. The product contains no additional ingredients which can cause patient's allergic reaction. The procedure is simple and can be made at home. The product set includes 500 ml of active gel with carbon dioxide, 25 non-woven fabric masks and a brush. Wash your face with water and clear your skin. Apply active gel on the mask by means of brush. Apply the mask on your face, flatten the mask during next 10 minutes by finger-tips gentle movements. Thus, the gel will deeper penetrate into skin. Keep the mask on your face for 20 minutes. Thereafter, you can remove it. Remove remaining gel by a towel and wash your face with water.

Non-invasive carboxytherapy leaves no traces of injections on the face and causes no pain feelings. After use of the mask, redness and tingling may appear on the face. They are not adverse effects or allergy. It is visible effects of mask. Blood vessels widen, blood circulation is promoted, epidermis temperature becomes higher. In a few minutes, skin will return to its original condition. You can make the procedure as frequent as you want.

Carboxytherapy is one of the most popular types of mesotherapy. By their painless and simple nature, these procedures show results similar to the results of quality plastic surgery. South Korean scientists prefer to eliminate cosmetic problems (such as wrinkles, skin folds and furrows) with the help of cosmeceutical products. Only serious defects are to be corrected by surgeons. Carbon-dioxide lifting mask is the best solution for people with starting aging processes: their skin is still elastic enough to be lifted without surgeon's knife.

Carbon dioxide causes no allergy. Thus, everyone can use GANG NAM Lifting Gel Mask. Carbon dioxide is purified at several stages in order to potential impurities cause no rejection. The product has been clinically tested and approved to be safe for human body. South Korean scientists hold leading positions in cosmeceutics and mesotherapy that is confirmed by many patients. In addition, they strictly comply with the supervising authorities' recommendations and use only those ingredients that are approved by respective standards.

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