Get Your Glow Back On

Get Your Glow Back On


There's a golden rule in the world of health and beauty: at the end of each and every sunny season, go to the dermatologist. No surprise that the majority of people spend autumn months trying to fight hyperpigmentation. While trying to get the perfect tan, people may face serious problems: their attractive complexion is ruined and their skin is covered with brown spots (or sunspots) located all around the face, shoulders, chest, and neck.

How can this complex problem be solved? Which products are the most popular, efficient and in demand this season?

Let's start with the most important thing and discuss the reasons for hyperpigmentation of the skin. There's a wide range of factors, which may cause this: from hormonal imbalance, the problems with the digestive system and even high levels of stress and vitamin deficiency. However, the key reason for the issue is the continuous exposure of the skin to the sun.

In the majority of cases, the dermatologist have to deal with the epidermal pigmentation caused by ultraviolet light. This type of pigmentation is characterized by brown spots on the skin. By using an efficient approach, the intensity of such spots can decrease in just 4-6 weeks.

There are two main stages in the pigmentation elimination process: peeling and brightening. The first stage includes various procedures intended to peel the dead skin. The main task is to exfoliate the upper layer of the skin. During the second stage, one needs to brighten the skin by using special products intended to restore the normal complexion. In order to get rid of hyperpigmentation as fast as possible, one needs to combine both professional and classic methods and products.

Our team has prepared a list with the TOP-4 beauty products that can be used to eliminate the problem of hyperpigmentation.

First, two of them can be used in the comfort of your home, and it's highly recommended to combine both of them. Two other products are to be used only during a visit to your dermatologist. 

Best Products For Hyperpigmentation

Learn more about the best products to eliminate hyperpigmentation below.

1. Professional product for both types of care: B-Tox Peel

B-Tox Peel is the most popular trend in the field of cosmetology and it is used as a tool for peeling with invisible needles. Performing the B-Tox Peel sessions can be done at home, as well as at professional beauty studios. Ingredients for B-Tox Peel are taken from the rarest ingredients of the sea world. The key ingredient of the B-Tox Peel are small parts of the needle sponge with sizes from 50 to 200um.

Unlike chemical solutions, the B-Tox Peel can be used for people of any age with virtually any type of skin. Furthermore, it can be used throughout the year. The product has no side-effects and doesn't require a rehabilitation period. It helps to restore the even complexion of the skin, removes age spots, as well as signs of keratosis and pitted acne scars. At the same time, this type of peeling provides a clear rejuvenating effect and removes inflammations of the skin.

2. Homecare: White Cindera Cream

White Cindera Cream is the best friend of the B-Tox Peel. This product helps to improve and support the overall efficiency of the peeling. White Cindera Cream was developed in South Korea in order to provide professional skin brightening in the comfortable conditions of your home. The product is supplied in the form of cream, which has already proven to be highly efficient in the process of pigment spot elimination.

The cream contains glutathione, lipoic acid, Vitamin C and six peptides. Such incredible combination of active ingredients creates the triple effect of the White Cindera Cream: brightening, restoring health, and rejuvenating. In order to reach visible results, one needs to use this product on a daily basis. 

3. Professional product for both types of care: Dr.Drawing E.G.F Complex Whitening Ampoule

Dr.Drawing E.G.F Complex Whitening Ampoule is a modern and innovative product with a huge number of active ingredients intended to whiten and moisten the skin. The product consists of a wide range of peptides, E.G.G epidermal growth factor, and a high level of nicotinamide. This serum is able not only to restore the proper complexion of the skin, but also stimulates the process of regeneration as well as restores the barrier function of the skin.

Dr.Drawing E.G.F Complex Whitening Ampoule can also be applied on the skin right at your home. However, by using the DermaPen tool, the efficiency of the procedure one is increased by 40 times.

4. Professional Care: Touch BR Biorevitalizing Agent

Miracle Touch BR agent is intended to be administered under the skin by using classic injections or by the needle-less Hyaluron Pen injector. The product was developed to be used in the field of professional whitening of pigmentation, age spots, and sunspots. This is the most efficient and complex professional solution. Miracle Touch BR not only whitens the skin but terminates the process of melanin production. As a result, it allows reaching stable and astonishing results on a long-term basis.

The product consists of the XT80 whitening complex, Vitamin C, nicotinamide, as well as a wide range of high quality peptides in conjunction with hyaluronic acid of the. Miracle Touch BR is sold in 2ml ampoules. The set includes 5 ampules. This amount is more than enough to make a biorevitalizing course for your skin.

According to statistics, every other woman 45 years and over suffers from the problem of hyperpigmentation. Even a dozen years ago,dermatologists were able only to hide these spots under a thick layer of cream or powder. These days, one is able to use a wide range of products capable to restore the proper complexion of the skin and solve a wide range of skin problems. 

        B-Tox Peel Invisible Needle Peel                         White Cindera Cream                          Dr.Drawing E.G.F Complex Whitening Ampoule                        Touch BR