Microneedling at home

Microneedling  at home

There are a plethora of products to be used for microneedling but little known about the device technique to carry out the treatment. The most popular devices to microneedle are the DermaPen, Hyaluron Pen and Hydra Stamp Needle.
Hyaluron Pen 
We’re all familiar with the hyaluron pen and its relation to dermal fillers, but did you know that the pen can also be used with skin boosters? 
Many skin boosters are also injectables, which is great because the Hyaluron Pen is an injector. 
Similarly to dermal fillers, skin boosters can be easily loaded into ampoules. By injecting the skin booster, the treatment can work deeply to bring moisture and nutrients into the skin.
When using the Hyaluron Pen for Hyaluronic Acid skin boosters or meso cocktails, it’s best to map the area to distribute the product as evenly as possible. After injecting, rub in any extra product (if any) into the area if it did not penetrate. It’s great for external moisture if all of the product didn’t make it in. 
Derma Pen 
Another widely known device out there is the DermaPen. The DermaPen is a microneedling device that allows product to be delivered to the dermal layers by creating channels in the skin for the product to enter. The DermaPen can aid in the correction of uneven complexion, enlarged pores, scars and even stretch marks. 
This pen typically works in two ways; to remove old tissues by exfoliation and allows skin boosters to deeply penetrate the skin.
Unlike the Hyaluron Pen, you must manually apply the skin booster to your face prior to using the pen. Once you have applied the skin booster to the area you want to treat, turn on the pen and move it starting from the inside of your face to the outside in light, smooth motions. 
When using this pen, make sure your face is clean and to add the skin booster before and after using the pen. Before so that you have some slip for the pen on your face, you do not want to cause irritation, and after so that you can essentially fill the holes you've made with more nutrients and moisture. Follow up with a soothing face mask and you’re good to go! 
Hydra Stamp Needle 
Another lesser known device that can be used is a Hydra Stamp Needle. 
Similar to the derma roller, this device punctures the skin to allow products to penetrate the skin. But the hydra needle stamp allows product to be injected into the skin while puncturing, which is a little different from the derma roller.
On a freshly cleansed face, gently press the hydra stamp needle into your face. These needles create little wounds that then prompt collagen and elastin to kick production up a notch, resulting in tighter and plumper skin while allowing skin boosters to get into the channel more easily. 
When finished, also follow up with a face mask or moisturizing serum to complete the process and sooth your skin!