Alternatives To Innotox

Alternatives To Innotox


Innotox was one of the only products that came in liquid form and didn't need additional dilution. Unfortunately there are no similar products currently in the market that come in a liquid form. All other products come in a powder form and need to be reconstituted which isn't as difficult as it sounds like. 

Below you can see the other available brands on the market



Alternatives to innotox

1. Nabota 100

Nabota is a South Korean product for fighting mimic wrinkles. It acts similar to Botox and it has been US FDA approved. 

It can be used for the following areas:

  • Face (between the eyebrows, periorbital and perioral zones) for eliminating mimic lines and folds

  • Armpits, palms for treating hyperhidrosis

2. Toxsta 100 

Toxsta is a product manufactured from original botulinum toxin strain from the European National Institute and complies with the cGMP standards. It is excellent for correcting forehead lines, glabellar lines, crow's feet, masseter muscle and skin lifting.

3. Botulax 100 & 200

Botulax is a well known product, specially designed for battling forehead wrinkles and is manufactured by Hugel. It is a complete analogue to Botox, but is cheaper. 

Can be used for facial mimic wrinkles;

  • facial asymmetry, neck wrinkles caused by muscle spasm;

  • blepharospasm;

  • hyperhidrosis.

4. Liztox 100

Liztox, manufactured by Huons, is to be used on mimic wrinkles, is safe, has minimal side effects and the effect is visible following 3-7 days.

5. Rentox 100

Rentox is a rather special product as it doesn't only treat muscle spasms or wrinkles, corrects facial asymmetry but also focuses on regenerative properties. 


Now that we have gone over all the different brands, let's have a look at how to reconstitute these products. 

Medical professionals say that the toxin to saline ratio is based on the patient's conditions and should be determined by the doctor, but there are definitely some guideline ratios that you can follow. 

With every toxin comes an instruction leaflet which always includes a dilution table. 

You can see an example of this table below. 


If you want to reconstitute it to the same resulting dose as Innotox, you will need 4U / 0.1 ml. This means if you have a 100U product, you will need 2.5 ml of saline and for a 200U product you need 5 ml of saline. 

  • 100U products -> 2.5ml of saline to have 4U / 0.1 ml
  • 200U products -> 5ml of saline to have 4U / 0.1 ml

Most will use 2.5 ml with 100 units, however this can be further diluted - every single specialist will have their own hyper dilution, based upon a tailored approach to your specific skin concerns. Again there is no specific ratio to follow as it depends on your condition and also on the specific product.