Is it possible to do facial massage after using fillers

Is it possible to do facial massage after using fillers

Skin ageing is a natural process that cannot be stopped, but can be postponed. There exist several different methods among which massage is the least traumatic and with regular practice can lead to good results. In case correction with fillers is necessary, reasonability of massage becomes doubtful. 

Contour plastics peculiarities 

Fillers are substances with hyaluronic acid or other components. After being injected under the skin they fill in subdermal areas and push out the top dermal layers within the corrected area. Tus, the skin relief gets smoothed, wrinkles disappear, and folds become evened. Actually, a filler is an implant that dissolves in length of time and is then excreted from the body. 

When doing massage while the filler is located under the skin this may cause its fragmentation (breaking) which will lead to displacement of its fragments to other areas and worsen the correction results.

Meanwhile, experienced cosmetologists state that it’s not just possible, but even necessary to do massage on dermal layers and muscles after injecting the fillers. It’s important to apply to a good massage therapist and to choose the right technique. 

Massage before doing contour plastics 

It’s very useful to do massage before injecting a filler. This will prepare the tissues to the injecting procedure and will lower the risk of side effects.

Advantages of preparatory massage:

  • Protects the skin from swelling because it improves metabolism;
  • The products are easier to inject and distribute within the tissues due to the absence of muscle spasms (relaxing effect of the procedure);
  • Thanks to oxygenation and blood saturation the derma becomes more dense which lowers the likelihood of gel migration.

5-7 sessions are required on the corrected area: face, neck, or décolleté. 
Is it possible to do facial massage after using fillers

Which method should be used after contour plastics 

Lymphatic drainage massage here will suit best. It will remove liquid congestion within tissues which will improve metabolism, nutrition of cells, and detoxication. This can be treated as rejuvenation procedure, that’s why it will improve the correction effect with dermal fillers.

There are different techniques of lymphatic drainage massage. It is often done with the help of different objects, such as roller, metal balls, small cans. If there are no special devices, one can do the procedure with hands only.

Massage is done after a deep cleansing procedure for which cosmetics with the peeling effect is used. It’s not recommended to use abrasives.

The tissues are massaged along the massage lines in a circular motion, with a light tapping, pressing and stroking. This leads to activation of lymph movement, removal of stale fluid, improvement of vascular tone.

It’s necessary to exclude contraindications related to problems with heart problems, vessels, lymphatic glands, skin. 

Massage avoiding areas of correction 

If a specific massage technique is required, it’s possible to use it on tissues free from implants. The movements need to be delicate and smooth. In this case help from a specialist experienced in working with problematic skin areas is required. 

Is it possible to do self-massage? 

If there is no possibility to take treatments it’s possible to use simple self-massage techniques. It’s better to use them under the guidance of a professional massage therapist instead of following video-rollers. Self-massage which is not done properly can be not just ineffective, but may lead to facial swelling.

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