Miracle - a powerful stimulator of production of collagen with 20% PCL

Miracle - a powerful stimulator of production of collagen with 20% PCL

A brand new unique product «Miracle» produced in South Korea appeared in the sphere of esthetic medicine. The product peculiarity is the application as an active ingredient of the liquid form of polycaprolactone (PCL) not containing particles. This cosmetic product can be used as a bio-revitalizant and as a filler. 

Polycaprolactone is a bio-degradable polyester and has a wide range of application. In cosmetology it is known as a powerful stimulator of collagen synthesis. Thanks to active PCL there takes place a quick collagen fibers regeneration which provides for restoration of lost tissues, skin moisturization and efficient lifting. 

The active component has a long bio-degradation period, and for this reason the correction effect lasts at least 1 year. It is completely safe for health which has been proved by long-term application in the area of surgery. It does not cause allergic reaction and is suitable for people prone to sensibilization. It has been approved by KFDA and has CE certification. 

A new polycaprolactone formular in «Miracle» product does not contain particles unlike other products. This makes it possible to inject the product into different dermal layers rich in fibroplasts. This is where collagen synthesis takes place. Besides, to inject colloid solution PCL without particles one can use thinner needles 30 and 31G which minimizes the risk of epidermis traumas and simplifies the procedure in general. 

There are two products in the product line which differ by their active angredients. Miracle L lifts the skin and allows delicate volumization of tissues creating delicate facial contours. It contains PCL in concentration of 20%.  

Miracle H is a combination of two ingredients: PCL 20% and hyaluronic acid 1%. It is used for the skin that is ageing or is affected by photoageing, because it enriches skin in water, restores elasticity and eliminates uneven skin covers. The components add to each other perfectly ensuring a better effect.  

Miracle H and Miracle L

Action of «Miracle» products:

  • High level of collagen synthesis;
  • Lifting;
  • Smoothing wrinkles;
  • Whitening;
  • Moisturization;
  • Anti-age efect 

Uncontestable advantages of the product is a long-lasting effect and no complications. The correction result lasts at least one year, whereas in contrast hyaluronic acid injections need to be repeated in 1-3 months. The procedure does not require any rehabilitation period. Swelling is reduced within one hour, and there are no other side effects.

Miracle H and Miracle L Miracle H and Miracle L

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