Most Loved Products

Most Loved Products

Another month has passed, which means the #reviewofthemonth winner results are out! We asked all of you to write reviews of your favorite Viana Care products and again, you have not disappointed us. Lots of amazing, in depth reviews were submitted and we compiled a list of the top 10.

Most Loved Products According To Customer Reviews

1. EZ Injector Hydrating & Brightening Set

«You NEED this kit! I had looked everywhere and talked to all of my skincare health professionals about the best 'next' step in taking charge of my skin! I had always been doing my own mesotherapy manually and then vianacare showed me this kit. It's an 'all in one' and comes amazingly packaged with full instructions, a beautiful 'welcome kit' that explains thoroughly how to install, charge and function the cool technology piece and I LOVE how easy it is to use! I start by numbing my face with this great numbing cream (that works!!) and while I'm numbing, I charge my EZ injector into the base that it comes with (and I was lucky that it came already charged - the customer service team is great to check everything before they send things to you!) and prepare my ampule and set up the kit with the 9 (or 5) pin cartridge heads. I love being able to program (the kit shows you different levels you can set for what you're after) AND the EZ Injector remembers (which means it's so much easier to just whip up and go for the next round and holds a charge for such a long time!). The ampules that come with this are FANTASTIC! It has significantly improved my skin - I can't recommend this kit more. It's an all in one and done within a max of 10 minutes (where before it would take me a good 30 minutes to evenly distribute the product - and while that was okay, I just can't believe how efficient and practical this is in my routine now!). Talk about advanced technology! I highly recommend for anyone that wants to take the thinking out of their skincare, to buy this kit. It all came ready to go and to top it off, these beautiful healing masks to put on after. My skin is more clear and vibrant than it's ever been. I'm so in love with this kit. I appreciate the compliments I get now and definitely know it's on a few of my friends and families wish list for gifts! yay!! I know this will continue to be appreciated for a long time! »

2. Beads Max H

«I was searching for a filler that would be effective in filling in two indents on my buttocks. (Caused from sitting on my bum) I wasn't sure which filler would work best so I reached out to Vianacare and they put me in touch with their doctor on staff. The doctor was very helpful and recommended Beads Max H. So I looked up the product on the Vianacare website, and was pleasantly surprised by the quantity included (10ml syringe). My order arrived within a few days with a bonus pack of 5 face masks. Although it did not come with a needle, It was really easy to use the Beads Max H filler with the 20g needles I had on hand. It's been about a week since the injections and I am more than happy with the results. Thank you Vianacare for your huge selection of high quality products, recommendations from a real doctor, and fast shipping. I will continue to purchase all my beauty cosmetics from you in the future.»

3. PPLA MONO 26G 38mm (50mm) Threads

«I'm writing this because my daughter bought these for me and I can't believe what it did for my skin. I'm at the age where I think "whatever" and accept that I'm over 65 years old. She kept encouraging me to use these and when I finally had them done, I couldn't believe a) how painless this is; b) how easy they are to lift the skin; c) I see a face I haven't seen in years! These threads are perfect for me since I'm slowly being taught by my daughter how important it is in taking care of my skincare, even at my age. Now I have the confidence to walk around feeling great with no marionette lines, the restoration of collagen above my lips and no more sagging under my neck! I'm forever changed at how something that looks 'too complex' and can't fix my age, into how I felt in my 30s before ageing kicked in! Thank you vianacare for giving me the gift of confidence with a youthful smile. I'll definitely be keeping this in my handbook of skincare and promoting my sisters to jump on board because of the amount of compliments I've received doing this. This performed miracles and at MY age! »

4. Neuramis Deep Lido

«I just recently switched over to neuramis deep after struggling with another filler's retention and omg let me tell you. This product is amazing! I tried it on myself first and noticed an immediate difference in results and retention. On top of that I’ve had less product loss and more happy clients. VianaCare has been amazing to purchase from. Reliable and affordable. The customer service is great and quick. Did I mention I’ve gotten free face masks with every purchase? They are great and smell good ! I use them as a nice free takeaway for my clients. Overall vianacare has given me no issues and the shipping is fast. 10/10 ! Neuramis deep gives great results and amazing retention. Highly recommended.»

5. Regenovue Sub-Q

«This product is dense and not forgiving. It does not spread easily. I would use this in very small increments. Since it doesn't move, It is an excellent anchor. I used it along the jawline to anchor skin and came back with a medium filler. This product works as it should. I would recommend it. I also had no reactions to it. I love this company. My products are high quality. Shipped within one day of payment. I receive my order within one week and usually have a free gift to try out. My order is always correct.»

6. Hyaluron Pen Black Plus

«I purchased the Black Plus Hyaluron Pen and could not be more pleased! I’m a Master Esthetician, and this has to be one of my absolute favorite Beauty Devices! I love that this Pen offers 2 sizes. One for Mesotherapy Injections, and the other for Traditional Dermal Fillers. This machine is heavy, and built with care. I feel totally confident and safe using this device on myself as well as future clients. Viana Care is an amazing company. I have been so pleased with my experience. I trust their company, and feel totally confident and safe while using their products.»

7. DR. Lead M Shampoo

«Dr. Lead M Shampoo, relieving hair loss at $25 a bottle, this one is a hard one to pass up. As someone who suffers from Hashimoto, hair loss is one of the unfortunate symptoms that has been very hard to get a handle on. It's been a losing battle.. up until now! Patches of hair loss, losing soooo much of my hair and even slow hair growth have been the bane of my existence. I tried all the different things out there to help stimulate the hair follicles. I even tried injecting pdrn in my scalp, nothing worked. So when I saw this little bottle, I figured it was worth a try. In my head I was already thinking that I'd go through the whole bottle and need to buy another one within a handful of uses, but this shampoo is so thick that a little goes a long way. I use it to wash my scalp and use the leftover foam to wash my hair. I leave the shampoo on my head for no more than 5 mins. It's so invigorating, it tingles and leaves your scalp feeling incredibly clean and refreshed. It also has a delicious smell to it. I really like this shampoo.. as you can tell, the bottle is well loved!»

8. Regenovue Aqua Shine Plus

«My first mesotherapy treatment and I am very happy with it, a 3 week course of one syringe each week, & at first I had lots of little bumps all over my face for the first 24hrs which is normal, until the skin absorbs the solution, but after that my skin had a glowing glassy affect & I loved how the hyaluronic acid, in the aqua shine plumped up my skin & diminished my wrinkles completely. I'm going to make this a regular treatment once every year.»

9. Stem Cell Booster Ampoule

«I'm a big fan of having all of the 'go to' products that VianaCare carries that aid in different skin issues to keep my skin (all over my body) in tip top shape. I have been researching and using products for years to keep my face in beautiful condition so that as I age, I'm aging as my best self (if that makes sense). Since I have a large inventory of go-to products, I'll share what I have found to assist in keeping my face and body skincare intact. It begins with THIS! This booster is AMAZING at not only getting rid of signs of ageing (hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, creasing, crepey skin) but it helps from the inside out. I use this particular booster to help rejuvenate and transform wrinkles on my face (I use this AND the Salmon DNA Rejuvenation booster), but ALSO my body. What this little miracle worker does is helped get COMPLETELY rid of the stretch mark "unsightliness" that I got from growing tall and (am I right?!). So I used this with my Dr.Pen and micro needled them on my stretch marks (use the majority of it while doing it and then when done add the rest just on top and leave it). I did this using the suggested wait time and by the time I got through 5 of the 10 ampules it comes with (thanks viana for this price, because I cannot find it anywhere cheaper!!), I saw a HUGE difference in the appearance of my scars. Even the little scars I had on my face from acne? GONE. But never did I think this would have such a profound impact on my stretch marks that I had on my legs/thighs and stomach! Girls and guys EVERYWHERE! This is your meal ticket out of that world! It's amazing because it helps in the moisturization and reproduction of your skin's elastin and collagen production, but ALSO brightens up your skin (think of how we all hate the dredded 'stretch mark' silvery skin that we have to find ways to cover up? or at least that was me!). GONE! ...WHAT!?! I spent YEARS learning to accept them as just part of my identity and bought these thinking "well it can't make them worse?!" but who would have thought the genius inside of these bottles would get RID of them?? I really hope this helps anyone else out there that is trying to find the 'key' to figuring out how to help themselves on their skincare journey that is head to toe. I feel you! And here's my secret weapon to you. <3 xoxo :)»

10. Hyafilia Petit - SOLD OUT

But, we have plenty of other fillers to choose from!

«Hyafilia Petit is glamorous. I bought this product not long ago, and when I used it, I was surprised it’s a really safe product, doesn't cause me any allergies, and it helped my skin glow as a star. The easy molding experience and the texture of this product make it perfect for sensitive skins like mine. I worked this gel with a Hydropen and gave me a beautiful volume and stunning skin. It also helped to bump my lips and make them look fresh.»

What is your favorite product? Let us know why you love it by leaving a review on the product page!