Skin Booster Extravaganza!

Skin Booster Extravaganza!
This month we are celebrating the wonders and joys of using skin boosters.
Skin Boosters tend to be an underdog in the world of cosmeceuticals, so we want to give you a good reason to try out Europe and Asia’s most sought non-surgical treatment.
Starting on August 18th, we’ve decided to have a 10% sale on all of our skin boosters! But here is the catch…
It’s a time deal! Every two days two skin boosters will be going on sale, and after 48 hours they will change.
We’ll switch up the products on sale every other day at 1PM KST. Follow us on Instagram to see which skin boosters are discounted  to make sure you snag your favorite!
All of our skin boosters will be on sale, so don’t worry if you don’t see the one you want off the bat. Go check out some of our most popular skin boosters, namely the Hyaron, Curenex and Selatox.
Bonus: if you need a handy tool to administer skin boosters, check out the EZ Injector, it’s also on sale!

Offer is valid from 2020.08.18 00:00 to 2020.09.08 00:01 (EST).
CAN be combined with promo codes.
P.S. If you are not sure what skin boosters are and why you need them in your beauty routine, make sure to check our recent article: What Are Skin Boosters. You are missing out!