Special Addition for You

Special Addition for You
You have questions and we have answers. Lots of them.
We want to share a new benefit for our new and existing customers! Questions are always flooding into us, but perhaps some may feel as though your question might not be heard. To help combat this, we’d like to introduce our new medical advisor.
About Our Advisor
Meet Dr. Julia Formanchuk, a medical and aesthetic doctor. She has a MD and has worked as a physician with a focus in dermatology, in which she has studied for 8 years. She also boasts 10 years of experience in the medical dermatology field. Julia is well versed in:
Dermal Fillers
Radio Frequency Lifting
Laser Procedures
Hyaluron Pen Procedures
What Can She Answer?
Dr. Julia Formanchuk’s knowledge is extensive, ranging from simple dermatology questions to more complicated medical matters. Here are a few questions she has expertly answered; 
Can Skin Botox/Mesobotox be used with hydra needles? Is Innotox used undiluted to achieve results?
For Skin Botox, you need to dilute Innotox, despite the fact that it is already diluted. 
Mix 20-30 units of Innotox in 4-5ml NaCl 0.9% or meso cocktail/skin booster for the face and neck area. The needle can be any, the most important thing is to apply it at 45 degree angle, and do not go deeper than 4 mm.
What's the right way to use Cindella anti-pigmentation injections?
Cindella is administered intravenously, by drop infusion: 1 ampoule of Cindella + NaCl 0.9% 100ml. 1 treatment should last 30 minutes. It's better to wrap the foil around the ampule, because alpha-lipoic acid is sensitive to light. Recommended course: 1 time in 10-14 days, 10 procedures in total.
How Can I Reach Her?
Our medical advisor is only available to those who are existing customers.
If you contact us via info@vianacare.com or through an account manager we are able to put you through to our medical advisor.
We pride ourselves in being an information source, so why not share the wealth of knowledge? Supporting a medical advisor to help answer any pressing questions you may have is a pleasure for us. Through this service, you can always stay in touch to aid you even more after you’ve received your product.  Have a question you’re dying to have answered? 
Get in touch with us to get started.