The Strongest Numbing Cream Around

The Strongest Numbing Cream Around


It's worth noting that pain is one of the biggest phobias in the world of piercing, tattoos and beauty injections. People are afraid of pain. Because of this, they are not able to eliminate wrinkles, make piercings or correct the shape of their face oval if the procedure is known to cause pain. The best cosmetological companies in Korea work hard to improve lidocaine numbing creams, which provides pain relief and allows making all the beauty treatments and procedures totally painless. Read on to learn more about the strongest numbing cream in the world.



What is the strongest numbing cream?

Below are some short numbing cream reviews of the 2 strongest numbing creams around, which can be purchased online without prescription. 

1. Anesthetic cream J-Caine

Anesthetic cream J-Caine (Lidocaine 10.56%) is the strongest lidocaine cream around. It is a modern anesthetic cream which can be use during professional procedures or for home use. The numbing effect of the cream can be felt after just 10 minutes and the pain relief goes up to 8 mm beneath the skin. 

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This cream complies with international standards related to health care and the medical industry. 

2. Neo-Cain Cream

Neo Cain numbing cream (Lidocaine 10.56%) is the only topical action product which can be used during various procedures like when getting a tattoo, mesotherapy, micro-liposuction and permanent make up. 

Due to the density of the lidocaine, this product is excellent to use during some of the most complex beauty procedures including mesotherapy, injections, permanent make up and contour plastic surgery. 

Neo-Cain Cream has received a lot of very positive reviews over the past year as users say it is the best pain relief cream out there. Not only can this cream be used during skincare or beauty procedures but also at home when using beauty devices like the hyaluron injection pen.

Things To Know About The Strongest Numbing Cream

The use of numbing cream has increased in popularity of the past years as it is an excellent product to reduce pain during different beauty treatments like getting a tattoo or piercing, chemical peeling, waxing and many others. Lots of practitioners apply this type of cream to the skin as it makes it easier to administer injections or cut into the skin. Previously, a local anesthetic would be injected into the required skin area, but the rise of anesthetic cream has reduced the dependency on these local anesthetics. Due to the nature of the cream, it is only applied topically and way easier to purchase than anesthetics. 

The Anesthetic cream J-Caine and Neo-Cain Cream are two over the counter creams which can easily be purchased online without any prescription. 

1. Important information 

Many people in the USA have already faced the problem of finding a topical numbing agent with a high concentration of lidocaine. According to the US laws, the biggest online platforms like Amazon are unable to sell topical anesthetic cream with more than 5% of lidocaine. The headquarter of Viana is located in Seoul, thus we are required to comply with the laws of South Korea. Our customers are able to order lidocaine numbing cream like Neo-Cain Cream and Anesthetic cream J-Caine right to the USA without providing any prescription, special documents or certificates. 

The customers of our online shop are able to use such relevant and reliable over the counter numbing cream as Neo-Cain Cream and Anesthetic cream J-Caine that have a high percentage of lidocaine, reaching 10.56%. Such numbing agents are efficient, safe and easy-to-use. They have the following advantages in comparison with their closest competitors:

  1. The strongest numbing cream around.

  2. The lower level of toxicity.

  3. Works quickly.

  4. Cost-effectiveness.Used during the skin sterilization process.

  5. No access to the bloodstream. 

  6. No need for painful anesthetic injection.

2. How does it work? 

Both topical anesthetic creams are based on the highly efficient numbing agent by the name of lidocaine. This active substance works faster than other products while being totally safe and having almost no adverse reactions or side-effects. 

Here's how Neo-Cain Cream and Anesthetic cream J-Caine work. Both products decrease the sensitivity of neural cells in the skin. The lidocaine was added to the active phase in the ionizable form. Positively charged ions affect neural cells and block the feeling of pain. Such numbing agents can be applied to a required zone without special preparation or expensive equipment.  

3. How to apply numbing cream?

Lidocaine based creams can be used during more intense conditions, which makes them the best choice for all minimally invasive procedures. In addition to beauty studios, Neo-Cain Cream and Anesthetic cream J-Caine are actively used in piercing or tattoo studios as they are some of the best tattoo numbing creams. In fact, one can get piercings or tattoos without applying a numbing agent. But, if numbing cream is not used, blood will reach the damaged skin surface incredibly fast, thus causing a muscle spasm. If this occurs, it will be almost impossible to achieve the highest results. Because of this, the risk of trauma is increased. We highly recommend using numbing creams for the following treatments:

  • tattoos and their removal

  • piercing

  • laser polishing of the skin

  • chemical peeling

  • contour plastic surgery

  • mesotherapy

  • depilation

  • permanent makeup

  • waxing and hair removal

does tattoo numbing cream work

4. Directions

One needs to apply the numbing cream on clean skin. After that, the area has to be covered with cellophane or a food-grade film. All procedures can be made in 20-30 minutes after applying the numbing agent. 

We prepared detailed timing for you: 

  • 15-45 minutes: the patient feels numbing in the area of application.

  • 45-60 minutes: the upper layers of the skin have no sensitivity. Thus, all pain and discomfort are eliminated during this period. 

  • 60-110 minutes: the peak of the highest efficiency of the numbing agent. The maximum depth of numbing is 8 mm. 

  • 110-190 minutes: the numbing agent keeps the highest level of efficiency.  

  • 190-210 minutes: the intensity of numbing effect slowly decreases.

Kindly note that numbing creams are incredibly easy to use. They are slower than numbing sprays and injections. At the same time, they last much longer than other solutions.  

Before applying the cream, make sure to wash the area of the skin with soap and water. Dry using a towel. 

 best numbing cream for tattoo piercing

Anesthetic cream J-Caine (Lidocaine 10.56%) 500g                                                              Neo-Cain Cream (Lidocaine 10.56%) 30g

5. Pros and cons

When applying the cream, make sure to follow the instructions provided on the packaging. There might be some irritation, redness or a burning feeling when the cream is not applied properly or when applied to sensitive area. Stay away from areas like your eye and mouth. When applied properly, there are no side effects, so this cream is relatively save to use. 

Note: it takes time (around 20 minutes) for the cream to set in. 

6. Surgeries

Numbing creams are not suitable to be used for major surgeries. It can only be used on small areas as the cream only numbs up to 8 mm deep. Opt for a local anesthetic when going for a medical surgery. 

7. Tattoo Artists & Piercings

Many tattoo & piercing artist use some kind of numbing cream to prep the skin before applying the tattoo. Getting a tattoo is pretty painful and to make it easier on the customer and the tattoo artist, it is highly recommend to use a cream to relieve the pain. This way the customer will be more relaxed, which will make the process easier and will allow the artist to concentrate more. 

strongest numbing cream for tattoo piercing

8. Bonus: numbing cream sheet mask

If you have used one of the numbing creams mentioned above and just need that extra boost, why not use a numbing cream sheet mask. The mask is soaked in lidocaine and can be used straight onto your face. Use the mask to prevent the lidocaine to evaporate and achieve the best results!

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Frequently asked questions

How long does numbing last?

When using a numbing cream like Anesthetic cream J-Caine 10.56% or Neo-Cain Cream, the numbing can be felt after just 10 minutes. The highest peak of efficiency is reached after 60 or 90 minutes, then it will slowly start to fade away.

What is the best numbing cream for tattoos?

Both the lidocaine 10.56% Anesthetic cream J-Caine and the Neo-Cain Cream are excellent numbing creams for tattoos. At the highest peak of efficiency, the maximum depth of numbing is 8 mm. Tattoo needles normally only go 1-2 mm deep.

Does tattoo numbing cream work?

Yes! Tattoo numbing cream definitely works. The strongest creams can last up to 3 hours and numb the skin up to 8 mm deep.

What is the strongest numbing cream?

Regular creams sold in the US only contain up to 5% lidocaine due to local regulations. Creams manufactured and sold in South Korea do not need to stick to these regulations, therefore, they can contain a higher percentage of lidocaine. The Anesthetic cream J-Caine and Neo-Cain Cream both contain 10.56%, which is double the amount of other standard creams.

Where to buy numbing cream?

The strongest creams like Anesthetic cream J-Caine and Neo-Cain Cream can be bought through our online website.