WhiteCindera Cream

WhiteCindera Cream

It is generally thought that white skin is a sign of blue blood and a flawless criterion of beauty. However, in Summer, it is difficult to keep your skin white, without any pigmented spots or uneven suntan. In addition, in case of frequent exposure to the sun, skin is affected by free radicals, ultraviolet radiation, environmental pollution, etc. You can use old wives’ remedies and wipe your skin with lemon juice, but nobody knows whether it is efficient and safe or not. It would be better to use up-to-date cosmetology. Currently, this sphere offers a great choice of cosmetics for any purpose.

South Korean specialists elaborated and launched to the market a unique product which is based on antioxidants similar to human cells by their origin – WhiteCindera Cream. This product was developed as a result of long-term scientific research and clinical testing. Therefore, the cream became effective, multi-purpose and hypoallergic. It contains no harmful substances (such as ethanol or butyl benzoate). The product's unique features and safety of ingredients for the human body were confirmed by the Korean Food and Drug Safety Office (KFDA).

Modern beauty industry of South Korea actively uses antioxidants as main components for their products. These substances regenerate skin cells, suspend aging processes and remove free radicals from the skin. When combining with vitamins C and E, antioxidants form a powerful substance which can rejuvenate skin and make it young and radiant. The complexion is improved, rough zones are eliminated. In addition, creams containing antioxidants protect skin against sunburn and even skin cancer.

Key features of WhiteCindera cream:

  • deep moisturizing,
  • natural whitening,
  • removal of wrinkles and diminution of deep folds,
  • prevention of acne,
  • liquidation of pigmented and age spots,
  • improvement of skin tone due to stimulation of collagen formation,
  • improvement of general skin condition and radiance.

The main purpose of WhiteCindera cream is skin whitening. It is ensured by glutathione, a substance which is generated by human body and consists of amino acids. Due to similar nature of ingredients to the human body structure, cream with glutathione causes no rejection and allergic reactions. Glutathione is also known as white jade. This substance affects melanin formation in the body. It provokes formation of light pigment instead of brown pigment, inhibits pigmentation and whitens the skin. You can apply this cream on any skin zones where pigmentation or pigmented spots are visible: face, knees, elbows, armpits, bikini line, etc. In case of pigmentation to the mole or a big pigmented spot, apply the cream 2–3 times per day, the effect will be better and more stable.

Крем White Cindera

In addition to skin whitening, WhiteCindera cream with glutathione eliminates wrinkles. Low level of glutathione in a human body causes deterioration of skin health. In particular, in case of glutathione deficiency, acne can appear on the face. It is a disease when sebum bridges pores on face and body and causes acne. WhiteCindera cream prevents these processes. The cream's main active ingredient stimulates the body's own collagen formation in skin cells, assists in smoothing wrinkles and worry lines, and minimizing folds and furrows. As one of the strongest antioxidants, glutathione makes the skin radiant in any age.

To be beauty, you do not always need to go under the surgeon's knife. It would be sufficient to monitor advanced elaborations of scientists and cosmetologists. South Korea has become a leader in this sphere. The Korean specialists specifically focus on skin whitening. Currently, it is one of the most popular trends in Korea. None other than Asian people know everything on skin whitening. Effect of WhiteCindera cream is based on the impact of a natural substance which consists of three amino acids and is maximally similar to the human cells' structure. The cream safety and efficiency are confirmed. This product is an excellent alternative to cosmetological procedures for skin whitening. Natural components, hypoallergenic nature and confirmed efficiency are the main features of WhiteCindera cream. Due to them, it keeps leading positions among similar products.

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