What payment methods do you accept?
We accept payments made by credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, MIR) through our online payment service and/or bank wire transfers.
What is Yandex?
Yandex.Checkout is the biggest Russian online payment system operated by Russian technology corporation Yandex. It is used by over 106,000 major online retailers and government services portals around the globe, including AliExpress, iTunes, Skype, Renault, Nintendo, Blizzard and others. Think of it as Russian PayPal.
For more information about our payment system, please refer to our article What Is Yandex.
Why does my card keep getting declined?
The most common reason is because your card may have an international block. We recommend contacting your bank to notify them that you're going to make an international payment, so there is no likelihood of your card payment failing. 
Your payment should go through afterwards, but we cannot say how long the block is lifted for. If you still have problems, try using a new browser.
It helps to contact your bank as you are going through the checkout process so that the bank is able to view the transaction and allow the payment to go through.
What currency are your prices in?
All prices are listed in US Dollars $ (USD).
Please note, during the checkout process Yandex will display the amount in ₽ (RUB), but your credit card will be charged in $ (USD). 
Why is the charge on my credit card statement showing up as a different company name and not Viana Care?
The billing name for purchases on your credit card statement is usually stated as “YM Retail” on your credit card statement. However, in some cases the transaction may be controlled by your credit card company and, depending on their policies, a different name may be listed.
If you are concerned about the company name listed on your credit card statement, it is best to check with us or your bank.
Can I use multiple promotional codes for my order?
Only one promotional offer code can be used towards an order. Promotional offer code cannot be combined or redeemed for cash or credit.
How much duties and taxes will I have to pay?
All prices displayed do not include any taxes and duties. So once your order arrives at its destination you may, as the importer, be required by your local authorities to pay all import duties, customs and local sales taxes levied by the country you are importing to - in order to release your order from customs. This is the responsibility of the importer and we recommend you contact your local customs authority to determine a landed cost price prior to purchase completion.
How are refunds handled?
All credit card transactions are charged upon order approval. Any amount owed for cancelled items will be refunded via the original payment method. It usually takes us between 1-2 business days to process refunds. The actual refund to your credit card will usually take 7-14 days, or even longer depending on the credit card used and your bank's policies. We are not responsible for any additional bank transaction fees or differences in the refund amount due to fluctuating exchange rates.
For returns, a refund will be given in accordance with our return policy. Please refer to our return and refund policy for more information.
If you prefer to pay by wire transfer, please follow these instructions:
Step 1. Place your order
Place an order and wait for the confirmation email.
Step 2. Wait for payment instructions
Your account manager will contact you by email with payment instructions.
Step 3. Make payment
Once we receive the payment to our bank account, we'll start processing your order.
Step 4. Shipment
Your order will be shipped out within 2 business days from the date of receipt of payment. We’ll send you a tracking number by email.

If you are still unsure of how to complete your payment, please contact us at