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HIFU Non-surgical Face & Bode kifting MICROSON Dual

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Microson Dual is South Korean machine cosmetology device that can be used for SMAS-lifting. SMAS implies surface musculoaponeurotic system thanks to which the skin retains its elasticity and youthful look. 

Main advantages:

  • Safe in use. A new generation ultra-sound projector acts pointwisely on the problematic area at the specific depth. Adjacent tissues remain intact and are not influenced by the procedure. 
  • Procedures are non-invasive (epidermis is not damaged) and painless. 
  • Ensures top rejuvenation results. 

Product purpose

Microson Dual is used for non-surgical face lift. It generates highly intensive focused ultrasound that creates a short-term thermal effect within a specific dermal layer. As a result, the tissues get thickened and renewed. Duration of the procedure – 30 minutes. 

This machine efficiently removes fat deposits on the body, lifts the skin, improves complexion. After the course of the procedures the skin gets rejuvenates; face and body get beautiful contours. 


2-handpieces device with function keys and digital touch pad showing the operating conditions. It is completed with 5 cartridges that differ in the impact depth: 1,5; 3,0; 13,0 mm.  

Where to purchase the device

Microson Dual is always available in “Viana” supermarket. We deliver esthetic medicine products to any part of the world. 



Energy type

Highly intensive focused ultrasound. 


As a set: SM4-4.5, DD7-3.0, SD7-1.5


SD7-1.5N, SC4-13


10,2 inches. Digital touch screen.

Power source

Alternating-current 100-240V, 50/60 Hz. 


11 kg. 

Dimensions (Width, Depth, Height)

497x437x329 (мм)

Optimal cartridges of 5 different types. 

Convenient device with powerful energy directed to the corresponding area thus ensuring excellent results. 

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