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Multi-functionalbody shaping system POWERSHAPE 2

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Powershape 2 is a multifunctional system aimed at correcting body contours and esthetic drawbacks on the skin. It combines in itself RF-lifting, cold laser lipolysis, and vacuum-rolling massage.


  1. A wide range of application.
  2. Complex influence on problematic areas.
  3. Non-invasive correction method. Procedures are painless, thus, a patient feels comfortable as if during light massage. 
  4. Stimulates intensive collagen and elastin synthesis (natural rejuvenation). 
  5. Prolonged effect that will last at least 6 months.  

Product purpose

It is used on face and body for skin lift, for eliminating fat deposits, stretch marks, and other cosmetic defects. It has 3 types of handpieces (manipulating handles): roller, multi-polar, and thermic. Thanks to various caps it’s possible to work on large skin areas, areas that are difficult to approach, facial, neck, and specific areas (like stretch marks). 


  • Procedures are carried out if any of the following issues are present:
  • Different types of cellulitis; 
  • Stretch marks;
  • Obesity, local fat deposits;
  • Sagged and flabby skin;
  • Baggy skin below the eyes;
  • Enlarged pores, acne, post-acne. 

Where to purchase the product

Powershape 2 can be purchased in the internet-stores. Korean supermarket “Viana” offers the product at the most beneficial price. We deliver products to any part of the world from our own stock in South Korea. 


High-frequency, vacuum, low-intensity laser.


Roller cap, multi-polar cap, thermic cap. 


10,2 inches. Digital touch screen. 

Energy source

Alternating current 100-240V, 50/60 Hz


60 kg. (net)

Dimensions (Width, Depth, Height)

414x523x1 230 (мм)

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