Ultrasonic cavitation, RF with Vacuum and expert RF system 3-MAX Plus

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3-Max Plus intended for non-surgical lipoplasty and face-lift is a safe and efficient device for fighting esthetic skin and body issues. Different action modes make it possible to choose between an intensive correction or a gentle procedure reminding relaxing SPA treatment. The device offers various settings to ensure an individual approach to different customers.  

Main advantages:

  1. It has a wide application area.
  2. Procedures are safe, painless and do not cause discomfort. 
  3. Complex approach to an issue.
  4. Visible effect after a very first procedure.
  5. Prolonged effect growing with every procedure. 

Product purpose

3 Max Plus is used in esthetic medicine for body correction and rejuvenation of face and neck. It combines in itself several functions: RF-lipolysis, RF-lifting, photo-chromotherapy (red, blue LED), vacuum massage, cavitation. Synergism of different functions enhances directional effect. 


Procedures are carried out if the following problems are present:

  • Wrinkles, skin sluggishness;
  • Baggy skin below the eyes; double chin;
  • Acne, post-acne, enlarged pores;
  • Loose skin after weight loss;
  • Extra weight or local fatty deposits;
  • Skin stretches, cellulitis.

Where to purchase the product

Korean supermarket Viana offers the product at a low price. We deliver cosmetic products to any part of the world directly from Korea. 

High frequency

Multipolar (1 MHz), Bipolar (2 MHz)

Ultrasonic frequency

36 kHz

Vacuum range

370 mm Hg

Power supply

Alternating current 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz


53 kg

Dimensions (Width, Depth, Height)

406x505x1 252 (mm)

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