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Sm Cream 30 gr – beauty without any pain 

The Russian market of the beauty industry has been enriched with a new Korean product Sm cream (lidocaine). This is the cream with a pain relieving effect. The anesthetic contains 10,56% of lidocaine which makes it possible to use it for practically any cosmetological procedures. 

Main advantages

  • High concentration of the active component allows relieving pain within the skin tissues as deep as 8 mm.
  • One procedure requires only 2 ml. of the cream which allows saving money of the buyer
  • It has a long-lasting effect – up to 90 minutes
  • The quality of the product has been confirmed by certificates issued in the country of its manufacturer. 

Purpose of product use

Sm cream is used in beauty salons and clinics as a local anesthetic in preparation for minimally invasive procedures. 
It is ideal to painlessly perform the following procedures on the face and body areas:  
  • Bio-revitalization
  • Mesotherapy
  • Contour plastic
  • Laser therapy
  • Peeling
  • Permanent makeup, piercing
  • All types of epilation

Where to purchase the product 

Sm cream can be purchased in the Korean supermarket “Viana” designed for beauty industry. It is always available in stock. To order the cream with lidocaine you should choose from several options listed on the website of our internet-shop. 
It’s possible to order direct product delivery from South Korea. The product will be mailed to the customer right after the purchase is made. You can track the shipment online by a personal code (mailing ID) through the website of EMS or similar resources. 

Weight: 40 g

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