KR Cream (Lidocaine 10.56%) 500g

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KR Cream is a modern numbing agent with a wide range of actions. This product is supplied in the form of a cream. It can be used during professional cosmetological procedures, as well as for care at home. Due to the high level of lidocaine, the KR Cream is able to numb the skin  reaching up to 8 mm beneath the skin’s surface. The numbing effect can be felt in just 10 minutes after the application and lasts up to 60-90 minutes. The time and intensity of anesthesia are enough to perform the vast majority of cosmetological procedures.

Key advantages of the product

  1. KR Cream complies with modern international standards in the field of healthcare and medical products.
  2. This product will save you a lot of money. In order to reach a desirable result, one needs to apply just a small amount of cream.
  3. The high concentration of lidocaine allows the  numbing agent to be applied during even the most complex procedures, including therapy with 3D meso threads on the face and body.
  4. KR Cream is well tolerated by the patients while causing no negative reactions on the skin.


KR Cream can be used during a wide range of procedures, including the following:

  • laser resurfacing
  • chemical peeling
  • contour plastic surgery
  • mesotherapy
  • hair removal
  • permanent makeup
  • application and removal of tattoos
  • piercing


The product shall be applied to clean skin. The treated area has to be covered with a polyethylene film. In 15-25 minutes, remove the film and the remaining numbing agent.

CAUTION: Do not use product on the damaged skin.

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