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Botulax 100

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Botulinum toxin storage and delivery conditions

Botulax 100 ensures active facial expression and no wrinkles

Botulinum toxin is a number-one enemy of mimic wrinkles. Neuromuscular relaxant Botulax 100 manufactured in South Korea is based on type 1 botulinum toxin which takes significant peripheral action. It immediately eliminates ugly facial folds for a long time.

Key Advantages

  1. Immediate and long-term result.
  2. Natural appearance, no effect of "frozen" facial expression. 

Application of Product

Botulax 100 is aimed at eliminating the following aesthetic skin defects:
  • facial mimic wrinkles;
  • facial asymmetry, neck wrinkles caused by muscle spasm;
  • blepharospasm;
  • hyperhidrosis.

Where to Buy

This product can not be purchased in conventional stores. You can buy Botulax 100 in web-stores. The best way to get Korean fillers is to purchase them from direct vendors of Korean cosmetics. Our web-store Viana has a leading position among them. 
You can order the product in our web-store. Before buying botox, please consult with your doctor for a quantity of bottles required for a treatment session. The final purchase price will depend on this figure. We make delivery to Moscow and other regions of the country.


Botulinum filler is a lyophilisate, white powder for preparation of solution for injections. One bottle contains 100 units of botulinum toxin. Additive agents are sodium chloride and albumin (stabilizing protein).


100 units
Weight: 30 g (without ice)


South Korea 

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