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The world's first liquid form
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Please note that our products are meant to be administered by medical professionals. We are not responsible for any negative inflictions that may arise after administering products by yourself. We will not compensate for products that have been wasted or misused.
Innotox is the first botulinum toxin in the world that comes in a liquid form, so it does not need diluting. It's gained praise and popularity due to the ease of use and long lasting results. Innotox 50U is a South Korean (KFDA) product used for soothing wrinkles caused by spasticity or active mimics on the face. It can remove wrinkles and folds in the following areas: under the eyes, forehead, between eyebrows, around the mouth and on the neck.
Innotox is also available for purchase as a set of 5 vials. Click here to see the Innotox set offer.

Comes with a gift:

U100 Syringe 1ml 30g - 10ea
Promotion started on: 18.03.2020

Why Innotox?

  • Ready to use - no need to dilute using saline water
  • Low degree of diffusion prevents the influence of toxin on the tissues located next to the treatment area. 
  • Long-lasting results: up to 8 months. 


Innotox 50U


Use it for:

  1. Blepharospasm (contraction of the eyelid muscles)
  2. Mimic wrinkles (effect of excessive activity of facial expression muscles)
  3. Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating of palms and armpits) 

Innotox can be used together with a hydra pen or derma stamps. 

The Innotox 50U vial is 1,25 ml. 

Use it with:

30G needle
Composition: Innotox 50U (Clostridium botulinum type A)
Additional components: Phosphate buffer solution, polysorbate 20, L-methionine.
Please note that the bottle size for Innotox 50U and Innotox 100U is the same.
The bottle of Innotox 50U might seem to be half-empty, but it contains the correct amount of product.
This product cannot be returned. 
Exceptions will be made in cases of inadequate quality of the product.
A good quality product refers to a product without manufacturing defects.
A product of inadequate quality refers to a product that has manufacturing defects or does not correspond to the description presented on the site. Manufacturing defects detected within 10 days of delivery may be subject to returns with a receipt.

Storage Conditions

  • Store Innotox in fridge
  • Innotox is insensitive to temperature but it is recommended to never heat or freeze this product
  • Please keep away from direct sunlight
  • This product is single-use only. Once opened, Innotox products need to be used within a couple of days. 
  • Shelf life is 18 months from manufacturing date

Frequently asked questions

I received the Innotox 50U bottle but it is half empty, why?

The bottle size of the Innotox 50U and 100U are exactly the same. Your Innotox 50U bottle contains the right amount of Innotox 50U and is supposed to be half-full.

How long does the effect of Innotox last?

The effect of Innotox can last up to 8 months. This is 4 months longer than other regular botox products.

Does Innotox need to be refrigerated?

Yes! You should store Innotox in a fridge.


    Theresa Urquidi
    Vianacare's customer service was thorough and a quick response. The shipment of Innotox was so quick, 2 days! I love love love, the result of Innotox on my facial wrinkles!!! Better than Botox.
    I love vianacare! The shipping is super fast and I’m very happy with the products I ordered! I will be using innotox for life to keep my skin wrinkle free!
    Sarah Couture
    This is the dream come true!
    Innotox had totally refresh my face I love it
    Tina Watson
    I have used this product several times. I have used it on my Platysma bands and had amazing results. You will need to use 5ml in the thicker areas. It has lasted over four months and counting. On forehead wrinkles I use 5ml in several stategic places and again had long lasting results. I usually see results in 24 hours. I have read the product must be used all at once or within a few days of opening the bottle. I do not refrigerate my product but I also use it within a week or so of receiving it. I highly recommend this product. I have ordered from this company over five times now. My order ships within one day after payment and arrives within one week. My orders have always been correct. There is usually a surprise gift inside. A new product for me to try. I had a question once and it was answered within 24 hours. Love this company. #reviewofthemonth
    Katie Fleming
    I recently purchased Innotox with Viana Care, and I am so pleased! I’ve been receiving Botox injections for about 8 yrs. I suffer from Migraines, so keeping up on my treatments is important. During Covid, I’ve been trying to do what I can from home. After doing research, I came across Viana Care. I have been so impressed! Innotox has been amazing! The treatment was painless, and I started to feel and see results within 3 days. All their products are approved and 100% authentic. I knew I would be in great hands. They have wonderful customer service, quick shipping, and their price point is unbeatable. I highly recommend them and Innotox is incredible! — Katie
    I m a french and happy customer of Vianacare!
    So fast shipping!!! Amazing!!! Order Monday to thuesday night… delivery Thursday morning!!!
    Innotox is really good product: I made forehead injection Thursday afternoon: first (perfect) results Saturday evening. I was a little bit anxious before my order because I never order with vianacare, but I highly recommend this website now! Thank you so much :-)
    Yamile Florez raigoza
    WOW, great price and outstanding product, the quality is great, and we notice a great change and long lasting action on the skin, but every person is different. Highlty recommended.
    Christina L Suarez
    Innotox is the BEST neuromodulator that I have ever used. I have been receiving toxin for over 20 years, Innotox has been a complete game changer. I do not need to touch up for at least 6 months and I love that it is already mixed and so easy to use.
    Gillian Lee
    Innotox is an impressive product! I’m 60 and wanted to soften the lines around the eyes and frown lines. After 3 days Innotox started to work beautifully and has taken years off my appearance. I have a nursing background so administration was simple. I did 15 units each side of the crows feet and the remainder on the frown lines. I couldn’t be happier. Fast, reliable shipping and top notch customer service.
    I have always been very cautious of using any products such as botox, but I am so happy with Innotox. I am ordering a bigger supply to use on my face & also for my migraines. Amazing easy to use product. Thank you.
    Lydia Appleby
    Innotox in my veiw has to be «The best anti wrinkle solution»,& is my favorite product, and so easy to use, no mixing it's all done for you 50 units in one little bottle will put them 11s to rest and freezer the crows feet for a good three 3 months..#reveiwofthemonth
    Krystina C Smith
    I'm a huge fan of Innotox. I think it's the best of all botulism/ Botox. It definitely works whilst leaving me with enough muscle use so it looks natural. So many people who use Botox or similar treatments have frozen faces. Like when you're watching a video and the top lip can't even move up enough when they are speaking… Innotox has been brilliant for my grinding while I sleep. It's perfect.
    since 1996 used botox then despot so completely immune to both. They now last only 3weeks. But innotox effects stayed for 4 months and counting. Need a lot in neck cords face forehead but so affordable Guanacaste. Reliable at vianacare.
    Sandrine B
    Innotox is my holy grail. It’s truly the best anti aging product you can find out there. I injected around 32 units of it in my forehead and around my eyes and it froze my muscles perfectly. The effect started to kick in by day 3. It comes with needles and there is no need to mix it! Plus shipping was super fast. It’s a really good product, better than regular Botox, I’ll definitely buy again!!! #ReviewOfTheMonth
    The 'Innotox' has been an absolute game changer for me.
    It is a neurotoxin like botox but unlike botox it is premixed and ready to be used. I was skeptical before purchase. It was delivered in an insulated box with ice packs which were still cold when opened. The product was a real surprise. It was easy to use after some through research. Saved several hundred dollars in the process, which of course is nothing to sniffle at, and most importantly — it worked like a charm. Stayed where injected; had long efficacy and gave me all the desired corrections — what more can you ask for?
    Krystina C Smith
    I was very happy with my Innotox. I've been spending 10 times for half of the treatment ( good ole America. I'm pre-med and in my opinion these procedures are way over priced. Vianacare, thank you for affordable alternative treatments. I would love to collaborate with your products from a medical standpoint.
    Carol K
    Was very skeptical ordering product from overseas ...Absolutely delighted I did....Have used botox for 10 years and Innotox is absolutely comparable if not better!!..The effect was visible the next morning and was so easy to use as it's diluted already...syringes included was a bonus...very nice professional packaging.....Fast service!!.. Thank you so much viana care!
    Awesome company!
    Sharon Sims
    I ordered Innotox a few days ago from Vianacare and was surprised that the shipping was so fast. It arrived today still cold with freezer pack. Julia helped me with purchasing and delivery and was absolutely amazing. She knew exactly what I wanted and made things easy and quick. I would highly recommend this company and the product Innotox to anyone looking to minimize the look of age. I immediately opened my products and administered. I am very pleased. Thank you
    So, so good!!!
    E. W.
    I’ve never used botulisms before, and this product is AMAZING!

    I’m in my late 30’s, I’m experiencing more noticeable wrinkles and wanted to try something new. I turned to meso therapies which lead me to K Beauty! I love everything about it and feel completely empowered by administering my own skin therapy at home. Welcome to the new Age of Skin Care!!! Thank you VIANA•CARE!!!
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