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Peptide cocktail
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Nefer Ti Ti  is a highly efficient injectable product for skin rejuvenation developed by specialists of biotechnological laboratory BNC, South Korea. This cosmetological product is the result of mixture of different components: hyaluronic acid, organic compounds, coenzymes, different peptide complexes based on stem cells cultivation. 
Main advantages:
  1. It combines the most efficient components that make up modern mesotherapeutic cocktails and biopreparations. 
  2. It makes a powerful anti-age effect; quickly restores dermal tissues. 
  3. It launches natural rejuvenation processes by means of stimulating regeneration.
  4. Ingredients have a high stage of purification. 
Product purpose
Biorevitalization Nefer Ti Ti is carried out in order to make a complex rejuvenating and revitalizing effect for mature and worn out skin. 
Indications to using the product: 
  • Excessive dryness, sagginess, wrinkles;
  • Photo-ageing;
  • Acne, post-acne, pigment spots;
  • Unhealthy complexion;
  • Enlarged pores. 
The basic treatment course consists of 6 procedures carried out once a week. In order to fix the result injections can be repeated following one month. Additional procedures are possible per doctor’s recommendations. 
Nefer Ti Ti is released in the form of a 1 ml. syringe filled with medical solution. It contains high-molecular hyaluronic acid, peptides with growth factors, vitamins, minerals and many other valuable components. One package contains 1 syringe. 
60 g
South Korea
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