Regenovue Fine plus

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Lidocaine 3%
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Expiration Date: 2020.10.1
Regenovue Fine belongs to the product line of NEOGENESIS and is ideal for filling in surface wrinkles on the face and neck. The product is known for its high quality and safety.  
Main advantages
  1. It is monophasic with a very stable structure. 
  2. Cross-linked molecules ensure natural correction result (ideally smooth skin).
  3. The gel contains the lowest amount of endotoxin.
  4. Procedures are painless thanks to one of the product components. In case of allergic reaction to this anesthetic it's possible to select a product with hyaluronic acid only. 
  5. The result lasts up to 1 year.  
Product purpose
Regenovue Fine is used for filling in surface wrinkles in any areas of face and neck. It removes even small lines near the eyes. It is very efficient for correcting nasolachrymal grooves. 
It is injected into the surface dermal areas. The gel has high plasticity and is easily spread out within the skin layers.  
Limitations to using the product
Contour correction with fillers has some contra indications. Procedures are prohibited during pregnancy and lactation as well as for patients suffering from immune system issues and chronic illnesses in the acute stage. In case the skin is damaged in the area of ​​injection then injection can take place after skin recovery.  
The product is release in the form of a syringe filled with gel. It contains hyaluronic acid in concentration of 24 mg / ml. Cross-linked BDDE 12%. 
It is completed with needles:
  • G 27
  • G30 
(30G / 1.0ml / 1.1ml / HA 24mg / ml)
Stabilized BDDE 5%
NEOGENESIS / South Korea.
60 g
    Gail Womack
    I used this product for the vermillion border around my lips. Wonderful product, no lumps, easy to inject, no allergic reaction and ordered another for touch ups!
    Highly recommend for definition and minor wrinkles.
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