Acne Set

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Hautgen Acne Foam Wash + Q-Acne Cream
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The acne set contains 2 excellent products which help to battle acne, namely the Hautgen Acne foam wash and the Q-Acne cream

How does it work?

The Hautgen Acne foam wash contains papaya extract that is both an anti-inflammatory and protects the skin. Additionally, it also contains pineapple extract which helps to remove dead skin cells. 
The Q-Acne cream is an effective anti-inflammatory acne treatment, especially for reddish acne. 

Main advantages

  • Effective for reddish acne 
  • Temporary relieves aches and pains
  • Moisturizing
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Controls excessive serum 

How to use

Start your routine by using the foam wash first and use the acne cream next. 
  1. Make your hands wet and dispense foam cream into your hands
  2. Gently run the foam wash onto your face or body and massage for about 30 seconds
  3. Rinse your face using water
  4. Dry your face and body
  5. Apply an appropriate amount of cream onto your hands
  6. Rub cream all over your face

What’s Inside

Hautgen Acne Clearing Face Wash, 150ml - 1ea
Q-Acne Cream, 15g - 1ea


South Korea

Storage Conditions

  • Q-Acne cream shelf life is 24 months after manufacturing date
  • Keep Q-Acne cream at room temperature in an airtight container (1-30 degrees Celsius)

Frequently asked questions

How long before I can see the results of the acne foam and acne cream?

The effect of the acne cream and acne foam can be seen after just a couple of weeks.

How to know if the acne cream and foam are working?

If the acne products are used on a regular basis, acne and the reddish colour will start to fade after just a couple of weeks.
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