B-Tox Peel Invisible Needle Peel

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Innovative Peeling Product Based On The Seaweed
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Matrigen B-Tox Peel is an innovative peeling product based on the seaweed. Raw materials for this product are extracted from rare species of the deep-water seaweed. So-called Silitox microneedles are made from the extract from the needle sponge covered with tiny needles with the length of 50-200 µm.
Unlike the majority of chemical peeling solutions, the usage of the Matrigen B-Tox Peel is not limited to the strict age restrictions. The product is suitable for all types of skin and causes no side-effects. Procedures based on the Matrigen B-Tox Peel can be carried out throughout the year.
Main advantages
The product consists of 100% natural ingredients rich in minerals and active substances. Unlike many other peeling solutions, Matrigen B-Tox Peel is free of acids and herbs, which may cause allergic reactions.
The usage of the Matrigen B-Tox Peel makes almost no harm to the upper layers of the skin, unlike all other peeling types. There's no rehabilitation period after the usage of the Matrigen B-Tox Peel.
Purpose of product usage
  • Skincare product for oily skin with acne tendency. The product allows removing toxins from the epidermis. It eliminates inflammation and reduces pores. The product is able to eliminate bacteria causing acne.
  • Rejuvenating effect. The Matrigen B-Tox Peel stimulates the blood flow and cells regeneration. The product also increases the levels of collagen and elastin in the skin. It removes the wrinkles and makes the skin smooth and shiny.
  • The product restores the natural complexion of the skin. The product exfoliates dead cells, thus providing the natural look and attractive glow to the skin. The product eliminates age-related pigmentation and keratosis.
Where to purchase the product
One can easily order the innovative Matrigen B-Tox Peel in our Viana shop. The product is available in stock and can be delivered to Russian within 4-6 working days.
The Matrigen B-Tox Peel set includes the following: B-Tox powder with microneedles (2 tubes x 1 gram), special activating solutions (2 tubes x 8 ml), soothing ampoules (2 tubes x 10 ml) and regenerating solutions (6 tubes x 10 ml).
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