Carboxytherapy Gangnam CO2 500g

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South Korean product Gangham CO2 Lifting Gel Mask is used for caring out non-invasive carboxytherapy procedure. Its action is based on the abilities of carbon dioxide to enrich cells with oxygen, improve microcirculation of blood, improve metabolism of cells, accelerate collagen and elastin synthesis. 

Main advantages

  1. Gel CO2 penetrates deeply into the dermal layers letting the skin «breeze».
  2. Quickly enriches cells with oxygen, restores hydro balance.
  3. Launches natural rejuvenation processes.

Product purpose

Gangnam CO2 Lifting Gel Mask is used at home as a mask that is applied on the face in order to correct esthetic skin defects. 
Carboxytherapy is recommended when the following issues are present:
  • Signs of ageing, tired skin;
  • Acne rosacea, post-acne;
  • Enlarged pores;
  • Excessive dryness;
  • Pigment spots, age related darkening of epidermis. 


The mask is place in the face once a week. When the issues are severe it’s possible to repeat the sessions once in 2 days. After the procedure the skin may be pink or even red. This reaction proves that a rush of blood to the skin is active. Redness normally disappears in 15 minutes. 
After several sessions the skin becomes visibly lifted smoothed and gets a beautiful healthy look and velvetiness.  


The set includes a can with 500 mg. of gel-activator, 25 masks of non-woven fabric and a brush. 

Weight: 730 g


South Korea 

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