Lipolytic mask FatX Upping Band

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To restore the shape of a swollen facial contour without any surgical interference is possible with a unique lifting mask made in South Korea. The ingredient that this cosmetological product is composed of efficiently burns fat in the area of chin, ensures high quality skin lift, smoothes wrinkles, and forms beautiful V-contour. 
Main advantages
  1. Safe in use. Contains components approved by US Food and Drug Administration. It does not cause allergic reactions, irritations or inflammations. 
  2. It is suitable for all the skin types. 
  3. It penetrates deep into the dermal layers, efficiently splits and totally removes fat deposits. 
  4. It moisturizes skin, launches rejuvenation process by means of activating collagen and elastin synthesis. 
  5. An ergonomical form of issuance allows covering the whole area that requires correction. 
  6. Quick and long-lasting result of weight loss and skin lift. 
Product purpose
FatX Upping Band is intended for home use to remove extra fat from chin and for skin lifting. Only 5 procedures are required to achieve a visible effect. The treatment course may be repeated when necessary. 
The product is a ready-to-use face mask with bio-liposomes and desoxycholic acid. The first component smoothes wrinkles, lifts the skin, regenerates skin covers; the second splits and removes subcutaneous fat. One box  contains 5 masks. 
This newest lipolytic product can be purchased at a low price in Korean supermarket “Viana”. 
One box contains 5 pieces
250 g
South Korea
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