Post-treatment care Phyto Hyalon Cream

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In order to increase efficiency of rejuvenating apparatus procedures and for a quick skin restoration after the influence of external factors specialists recommend to use cosmetic products based on collagen, elastin and plant extracts. Cream made by South Korean manufacturer Phyto Hyalon Cream has been developed specifically for supporting therapy after rejuvenation procedures. 

Main advantages

  • Makes it possible to strengthen and prolong the result of the procedure.
  • Contains natural components that nourish, moisturize and cure the skin.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin. 

Product purpose

This product is intended for the areas of face, neck, décolleté after apparatus procedures.

 Action mode:

  • Soothes irritated skin;
  • Creates a protective layer on the top of epidermis that keeps moisture;
  • Nourishes, stimulates regeneration processes of tissues;
  • Smoothes wrinkles. 
The product is intended for daily use. It is applied in a thin layer similar to massaging. 


The cream is available in plastic jars of 500 gr. Before purchasing Phyto Hyalon Cream it’s important to review its composition to avoid allergic reaction. This product is based on hyaluronidase sodium carbonate, extracts of Aloe Vera, licorice, ceramide -3, winterbloom, safflower oil.  


  • hyaluronidase sodium carbonate;
  • ceramide -3;
  • licorice extract;
  • winterbloom;
  • safflower oil
  • Aloe Vera extract


Weight: 560 g 

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