White Cindera Cream

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Whitening Face Cream
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White Cindera Cream – product for skin whitening
South Korean cream White Cindera Cream is the latest development for professional skin whitening at home. The cream makes it possible to eliminate pigmentation, improve complexion, smooth wrinkles, and improve elasticity. 
Main advantages
  1. Ensures active whitening regardless of the reasons of skin darkening.
  2. It acts multi-directionally – whitens, rejuvenates, makes the skin healthier. 
  3. Safe for the body as it does not contain parabens or preserving agents. 
Description and composition
This whitening product is released in glass jars of 30 gr. It has a delicate texture, light consistence and pleasant aroma. It is easily to apply and is quickly absorbed leaving no greasy residues. 
This product contains glutathione, lipoic acid, 6 peptides, vitamin C. Each of the components complement each other providing comprehensive skin care.
Product purpose
This cosmetic product can whiten the skin in presence of the following issues:
  • Pigmentation;
  • Age related spots;
  • Freckles;
  • Melasma. 
It’s reasonable to use this cream even if one just wants to make the skin look lighter. To achieve a lighting effect one needs to apply the cream daily in a thin layer on the areas of face, neck, décolleté or back of the hands. 
Main components:
  • Lipoic acid;
  • Vitamin C;
  • Glutathione;
  • 6 peptides.
30 g
South Korea
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