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Beads Max H Filler is the last achievement in the world of contour plastic surgery. This Korean product allows increasing the volume of the breast and buttocks without surgery and pain. The filler is based only on a single ingredient. It is composed of the hyaluronic acid of the highest level of purity. The revolutionary parameters of the product are based on the unique formula that allows binding molecules within the filler. Procedures with the usage of Beads Max H provide long-lasting and astonishing results. 


Beads Max H is the toughest product in the range of Korean fillers by Beads Max. The product is intended to be used to correct the shape and contours of the body, as well as to increase the volume of breasts and buttocks. The product passed all clinical trials and was approved in South Korea and Japan.

The unique effect of the Beads Max H is based on the revolutionary technology of multilevel cross-linking action (MCL) of the hyaluronic acid. Other companies are trying to reach the dense structure of the product by increasing the concentration of the particles within the active substance. As a result, the gel becomes heavy, while the filler may move right under the skin. The density of the Beads Max H is reached through totally different means.

The MCL technology allows creating a semi-dense gel of the hyaluronic acid by using the new method of cross-linking action/ As a result, the filler forms something similar to the implant right under the skin.

Due to its light weight and high density, the filler allows increasing the volume of the breast and buttocks without moving under the skin. The customer can be sure that the filler for buttocks won't move somewhere from the location chosen during the procedure. 

Advantages of the filler

The product is totally different from other active substances due to its unique and innovative MCL technology.

  1. The composition of the product is totally biodegradable. The body is able to eliminate the product by using the most natural way. 
  2. This Korean product is a safe alternative for the plastic surgery intended to increase the volume of breasts and buttocks. 
  3. The product can be eliminated from the body at any moment in time.
  4. The product will never move under the skin.
  5. The composition of the Beads Max H creates a long-lasting effect.

Purpose of the product:

  • contour plastic surgery
  • breast augmentation
  • buttocks correction

The concentration of the hyaluronic acid in the product - 20 mg/ml. Tube volume: 10ml

Administration: deep layers of the skin and tissues under the skin.

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