Bellezza PLLA

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Poly-L-Lactic Acid
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Rebuild your lost collagen with Collagen stimulator Bellezza.
Bellezza is collagenesis filler that stimulates collagen inside of skin to induce collagenesis and improves wrinkles and volume losses.
Collagen is key ingredient that makes skin healthy and young. One of the main reasons of aging is collagen loss inside of skin.
Bellezza PLLA Filler:
  1. Non surgical.
  2. Biodegradable-Poly L-Lactic Acid.
  3. Short treatment time (within 10-13 mins).
  4. Wild indicatable areas.
  5. Semi-permanent duration time – 25month (Over 80% of patients).
  6. Necrosis(-), Blindness(-), Edema(-).
  7. Stimulate collagen generation.
Advantages :
  • No need to retouch for every 6 months but lasts over 2 years after 3 initial tratments. Able to come back to ordinary daily life since almost no edema or swelling. Safe treatment wihout nearly no adverse effects. 
  • Non-surgical treatment and recover time is not necessary. The usual problems of surgery, ederma, swelling, bruising do not occure. Due to formation of biodegradable scaffold and generation of collagensis, do not need to worry about engraftment of autologous fat.
365 mg/1 vial
50 g
South Korea
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