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Filler «Aesthefill» is an innovative product containing polylactic acid. It has been developed by South Korean specialists of Rigen Biotech laboratory. Unlike its famous predecessor New-Fill with similar characteristics, this new product has a high bio-compatibility degree and does not cause granulomas or fibrosis. 

Main advantages

It has a high safety profile. It does not cause complications, completely degraded into metabolites, and is excreted without any complications in the forms of carbon dioxide and water. 

It ensures natural rejuvenation and moisturizing, because its active component Aesthefill stimulates hyaluronic acid synthesis by mature cells. 

It launches skin repair processes. Lactic acid is treated by the central nervous system as a sign of injury or trauma, and as a result, this leads to continuous collagen synthesis and new tissues formation. This action lasts for 3-4 months until the biodegradation of substance thus ensuring a long-lasting effect. 

The result of the procedure lasts up to 24 months. 

Purpose of product usage

Filler «Aesthefill» is used for correcting wrinkles and areas of lost volume in tissues and for volumizing cheekbones and lips. 

Areas of injections:

  • Facial: cheeks, temples, nasolabial folds, eye corners, nasolacrimal groove, submandibular folds, lips;
  • Neck;
  • Décolleté;
  • Back of hands.  

Even after the first injection by Aesthefill lifting effect is quite noticeable. With significant aesthetic defects several procedures may be required. 

Procedures can be repeated following 1-2 months. 

Where to purchase the product

It is possible to purchase Aesthefill at a favorable price without any overpayment to agents through Viana supermarket. After the purchase we will mail the product to any country directly from South Korea. 

Before purchasing the product we recommend you to consult with the beauty specialist about the number of vials required for treatment course.

Weight: 50 g

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