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Dermalax Deep Plus

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Dermalax Deep Plus – efficient smoothing of medium wrinkles

South Korean products produced by Dermalax are valued by beauty specialist for their high efficiency and minimal risks of side effects. There are four fillers in the company’s product line, and each of them has their peculiarities and indications. Dermalax Deep Plus is intended for smoothing small lines thus giving the face fresh and youthful look. 

Main advantages:

It is a monophasic product which contributes to the even distribution and constant substance density as well as eliminates inflammation. 
  1. It has a high safety profile thanks to high quality purification of hyaluronic acid, intensive control of BDDA residues, and endotoxin.
  2. Pain-free procedures.
  3. Long-lasting effect – up to 1 year.
  4. It can be combined with other procedures. 


Filler “Dermalax Deep Plus” is a dermal injectable filler. It is used in beauty salons for correcting small and medium lines. 
The product is intended for correcting the following defects: 
  • Prominent nasolacrimal groove
  • Medium lines in the periorbital zone and the area of lips
  • Surface lines, “crow’s feet”
  • Glabellar wrinkles (folds between the eyebrows) 

Procedure and rehabilitation process

The product is injected into the subdermal layers. Prior to the procedure a cosmetologist cleans a patient’s skin, then injects the filler and distributes it within the affected area. 
After injecting the filler it’s necessary to refrain from using makeup, from intensive physical exercises, and from drinking alcohol. A patient should not go to sauna, solarium or beach during 10 days after the procedure. 

Product composition and package

Dermalax Deep Plus is manufactured in the form of a syringe filled with 1,1 ml. of gel. Viscous gel contains purified hyaluronic acid (24 mg./ml). The carton box contains 1 syringe, 2 needles G 27, and instruction.  

Where to purchase the product:

The filler can be purchased in the online supermarket Viana. In order to do it one needs to fill in the order form or to call a specialist. 


Hyaluronic acid 24 mg./ml.


1 syringe 1,1 ml. 





G value: 

160+/-15 Pa


Hugel Inc. / South Korea

Weight: 60 g

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