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Gana HA Body

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Gana HA Body Filler is used to restore the volume and to form the relief on specific body parts, for example, breast, legs, buttocks as well as for smoothing uneven skin surfaces caused by liposuction and similar procedures.  
Gana HA Body Filler ensures a quick and long-lasting effect of non-surgical interference which makes it possible to avoid a number of complications, such as formation of scars. 
Gana HA Body Filler is a crystal clear gel on the basis of purified stabilized hyaluronic acid received through bio-technological method. Hyaluronic acid has a non-animal origin which excludes any risks of getting illnesses associated with animals. 
Hyaluronic acid is stabilized which means minimal change of its formula (about 1%) which forms a solid three-dimensional network. 
The effect lasts up to 2 years; 100% cross-linked. 

Effectiveness of Gana HA Body Filler

One-time use of GANA HA BODY Filler ensures the effect lasting up to 2 years. The gel is biologically compatible with a human body and is gradually dissolved during metabolism. To ensure a longer lasting effect and for keeping esthetic result it’s possible to repeat the procedure. 

Safety of use of Gana HA Body Filler

GANA HA BODY Filler contains compatible hyaluronic acid that naturally dissolves in a human body. Transparent gel is of natural origin, is not changeable and does not contain any products of animal origin. 

Side effects

The most common side effects are swellings and slight sensations of pain in the injection area. Another not very common side effect is a perioperative breast infection with the such symptoms as a moderate pain and redness. To eliminate these effects antibiotics are prescribed. Medical examination taking place before using the product usually helps to discover possible infections of skin layers. 
There is a possibility of the formation of capsular contracture of the breast around the implant. To prevent the risk of this complication, the doctor should do a special breast massage. 
In order to receive more detailed information about possible complications one should apply to the instruction manual. 

Method of use

The procedure lasts 30 – 45 minutes and implies a small puncture about 2-3mm in the area of product usage (usually on the fold line under each breast or under the buttocks) and an injection of the product deep into the subdermal layer for cerebro-spinal puncture. The procedure requires using local anesthesia. A course of antibiotics may be prescribed before and after the procedure to prevent a risk of infection contamination. 
In case of breast modeling the product is injected into the breast tissue similar to using implants. This will not affect breastfeeding abilities in future. 


Every milliliter of substance contains stabilized hyaluronic acid – 20 mg/ml. 


1 ampoule / 50 ml
Weight: 140 g


South Korea 

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