Regenovue Sub-Q Plus

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Lidocaine 3%
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Regenovue Sub-Q is produced by South Korean Company NEOGENESIS and is considered to be the most viscous and dense among other products in the line. The product has volumizing qualities and is ideal for volume contouring of face and for filling in deep wrinkles. 
Main advantages 
  1. Safe and has exceptional purity of the active ingredient (minimal presence of endotoxin).
  2. Monophasic structure of Regenovue Sub-Q ensures an even distribution of gel within the skin layers. 
  3. Molecules are 100% cross-linked which adds high steadiness and longevity to the filler. 
  4. It is fully excreted from the body after bio-degradation. 
  5. The result of the volume contouring lasts up to 18 months. 
Product purpose
Regenovue Sub-Q is used for filling in deep wrinkles, for adding shape and volume to the face, for non-surgical rhinoplasty. The filler is injected into the deep dermal layers (lower sub-Q). 
Limitations to using the product
Procedure is not suitable for children who have not reached full age, for pregnant and breastfeeding women. It is advisable not to use the product in case of inflectional diseases in the acute form, immune system pathologies or skin damages in the area of correction. 
This cosmetological product is released in the form of a syringe containing gel. Concentration of hyaluronic acid is 24 mg/ml.
It is completed with two injectible needles G27. 
(27G/1.0ml/1.1ml/HA 24mg/ml)
Stabilized BDDE 8%
NEOGENESIS / South Korea.
60 g
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