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Revolax Fine is the lightest and most plastic among other products of the brand. It is ideal for smoothing small lines on the face and neck. It eliminates the first signs of ageing and prevents wrinkles deepening. 

Main advantages

  1. It has a high safety profile and does not cause any post-procedure complications (swelling, reddening, etc.)
  2. The monophasic structure ensures even gel distribution and natural look of the skin areas where the filler has been applied.
  3. Procedure is painless thanks to one of the product ingredients
  4. 3D molecule structure prevents a quick gel biodegradation. The cosmetic effect lasts for 1 year. 

Purpose of product usage

Revolax Fine is used to correct the first lines appearing on face and neck.
Areas of injection:
  • Periorbital
  • Perioral
  • Glabellar
  • Neck
The product is injected into the surface skin layers. It corrects even the thinnest lines. It is good for eliminating “crow’s feet”. After the procedure the face becomes smooth and radiant. 

Where to purchase the product

One can purchase the product without overpayment in our internet store Viana. We will deliver the product directly from South Korea. 

Product composition

It contains hyaluronic acid in concentration 20 mg/ml. It is produced in the form of a syringe with 1,1 ml. of gel. 
Weight: 60 g


Hyaluronic acid – 20,0 mg/ml

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