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Revolax Sub Q is the most dense and viscous among other products of the brand. It is ideal for sculpturing contours of different facial area and for filling in deep skin folds. 

Main advantages

  1. It is safe and does not cause swelling or inflammation after the injections.
  2. Thanks to its plasticity it is easily injected and distributed among the skin layers.
  3. Anesthetic being one of the product ingredients releases the patient from any pain feelings during the procedure.
  4. It has a long-lasting period of biodegradation. The result lasts for about 1,5 years.
  5. The monophasic structure of the product allows even gel distribution within the dermal layers which creates a natural look. 

Purpose of product usage

Revolax Sub-Q is intended for volume modeling and for creating attractive face features. It smoothes even deep wrinkles and folds. 
 Injections are made into the deep dermal layers (low sub-Q). Type of a needle is 27G. 
Areas of injection:
  • nasolabial triangle
  • «marionette lines»
  • cheekbones
  • cheeks
  • chin

Product composition:

The product contains hyaluronic acid 24 mg/ml. It is produced in syringes of 1,1 ml.

Where to purchase the product

Direct purchase of “Revolax Sub Q” from South Korea is possible in our internet store. To order the filler one should fill in an order form or contact our operator online. Volume purchase is possible starting from 10 packages. We deliver the product throughout the world. 


Hyaluronic acid – 24,0 mg/ml
Weight: 60 g

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