Automatic Injector DermaShine Pro

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DermaShine Pro is intended for injectable rejuvenation procedures. It is a digital injector system equipped with multi-needle vacuum screw. Injection of drugs takes place automatically by means of a multiple-thread needle (9 needles). A cosmetologist just needs to direct a handpiece to the corresponding areas for correction. 

Main advantages:

  1. It significantly reduces the time of mesotherapy procedure.
  2. 9-needle screw easily penetrates into the skin causing no pain.
  3. It accurately calculates the depth of the injection and the injectable dosage. 
  4. It evenly distributes cosmetological products within the dermal layers.
  5. After the procedure the skin restores quicker (micro-traumas after injections).
  6. A patient is more loyal to injectable rejuvenation methods.
  7. Result is better if compared with traditional injections. 

Product purpose

DermaShine Pro is used for injecting hyaluronic acid or meso-mixes into the dermal layers. Procedures are carried out in order to eliminate signs of aging or other esthetic skin defects. 

After the procedure the wrinkles are smoothed, and a patient gets an even complexion, lifted, resilient and radiant skin. 


Digital aspirator weighs a bit over 2 kg. It is completed with a syringe injector, vacuum tube, syringe holder, liquid damper, footswitch, power cable and EU plug. 9-needle screws sell separately. 

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