Dermapen Dr. Pen A1

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Dermapen – mesotherapy apparatus for home use.
Dr. Pen Ultima A1 (Dermapen) is ideal for solving numerous esthetic skin problems at home. This professional device for esthetic medicine is used in fractional mesotherapy. It launches controlled damages of the skin tissues, delivers products to the dermal layers launching processes of regeneration and rejuvenation. 

Main advantages:

  1. Convenient and safe in use. Has an ergonomical shape and rubberized handle cover (non-skid). 
  2. The needle length can be adjusted from 0.25 up to 3,0 mm.
  3. Has 4 working modes with a different speed of needle submission.
  4. Suitable for different areas of face and body.
  5. Eliminates different esthetic defects.
  6. The procedure is less painful compared to using meso rollers.
  7. It can be used unassisted.  


The device is an oblong handpiece that can be conveniently placed in a hand. It’s electricity powered and can be connected with a socket with a 1,5 meter wire. It is equipped with interchangeable caps that have 12 needles each. The needles are made of surgical steel and pierce the skin to the depth up to 3 mm. The frequency of the number of pierces per minute varies from 3,600 to 5,400 (managed at 4 speed levels). 
For a more convenient home use one can purchase Dr. Pen Ultima A1 W which is battery powered. 


Dermapen is used in beauty salons, by private cosmetologists and by patients themselves for mesotherapy sessions. 
It helps eliminate the following issues in the areas of face and body:
  • Sagginess, ptosis;
  • Dim unhealthy complexion;
  • Uneven face contour;
  • Couperosis, acne, post-acne;
  • Stretch marks, scars, cellulitis;
  • Enlarged pores;
  • Alopecia. 
The apparatus acts in two directions: destroys old tissues and injects mesococtails into the skin. Specific products for the procedure are selected based on an individual purpose.

Where to purchase the product

One can purchase Dermapen in the internet-store VIANA. It’s advantageous to buy the apparatus with us, because we supply products from the stock in South Korea avoiding agent fees. 


  • 1x Handpiece;
  • 1x AC adapter with a USB cable;
  • 1x Box;
  • 1x Instruction in English;
  • 2x Cartridge for 12 Needles.

Weight: 400 g

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