Electroporation micro needle system EPN

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EPN system is a unique South Korean device that combines in itself electroporation and fractional mesotherapy (micro injections). Micro-needles and electro-field affect the skin simultaneously. Thus, the action of the injectable product becomes stronger, and natural rejuvenation processes are launched. 

Main advantages:

  1. Combination of non-invasive (non-injection) and injectable methods enhances the treatment and makes it more efficient. 
  2. It does not leave any swelling, bruises, or scars. 
  3. Easy to use. The length of a needle and the frequency can be regulated. 
  4. Allows control of the treatment course. 
  5. Painless procedure that makes patients feel very comfortable. 

Product purpose

Electroporation needle is used in mesotherapy on any part of face or body. It eliminates serious esthetic defects and slows down age-related changes. 


  • Scars, post-acne;
  • Pigment spots, stretch marks;
  • Wrinkles, skin sagginess;
  • Enlarged pores;
  • Calvities. 


The device is a convenient non-skid handpiece with function keys and LCD display that shows the level of influence during the procedure. It has 3 speed levels of injections and 5 EP levels. It is completed with needles 33G (a package contains 24 needles). 

Where to purchase the product

It’s possible to purchase the product at a low price in “Viana” supermarket. We deliver cosmetological equipment from South Korea to any part of the world. 




Electroporation system with micro-needles

Rotations per minute

Level 1: 4000; level 2: 4500; level 3: 5000


5 levels

Electrical voltage

Direct-current adaptor: 12V, 1A


95 gr.

Size of a needle


EPN characteristics

  • Regulation of penetration depth of several needles up to 2,0 mm.
  • Direct access to regulation.
  • Individual package.
  • Protection of device from foreign substances.
  • Lots of EP needles (24 in one box).

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